Chicory. Useful property

Morning. I'm dying for a Cup of coffee. From this desire, it seems, you can go crazy! Alas, the consequence of such weakness for many may be a jump in pressure with all the ensuing consequences. But the cups we drink a day on not one, not two...

Those for whom natural coffee is a forbidden fruit can be recommended to start the day with the "bride of the sun". The so-called Eastern Slavs chicory – cute, with blue flowers plant, perceived by many as an ordinary weed. Meanwhile, the plant is a whole pantry of drugs that can replace expensive and biologically active additives, and a small pharmacy as a whole. Moreover, our ancestors believed chicory plant magic, with which you can remove the damage, protect yourself from bullets and even become invisible.

Chicory: useful properties and contraindications

What is the use of chicory in reality? The value of this herb in its long, almost fifteen-meter root, the main component of which is the substance inulin – a sweet substance, not increases blood sugar levels, serving as a raw material for the production of fructose. In addition, it contains vitamins B, C, E, proteins, pectins, tannins, salts.

Drink chicory in the morning and do not go to the doctors. It is clear that such an amazing plant could not pass by the attention of doctors and traditional healers, who from the roasted and dried root began to make a delicious drink, perfectly replacing the usual, but not all recommended coffee.

Than useful drink chicory? Let's start with the fact that you can drink it almost everything. Since it strengthens the whole body, invigorates, but does not increase pressure, it can be drunk to hypertensive patients, young children over 3 years and pregnant women. Diabetics will get the desired sweetness in it, without the risk of diabetic shock. Suffering from liver diseases – a wonderful natural medicine that can cleanse the body of toxins and restore its lost function... the List of medicinal qualities of this a wonderful plant can take a whole page. Here's a he a great many.

Chicory: useful properties for weight loss

Useful properties of chicory for weight loss also deserve serious attention. Contained in the root pectins improve digestion and intestinal microflora, normalize metabolism. Chicory has diuretic and choleretic properties, relieves heartburn, reduces craving for sweets, and, amazingly, with all this, also strengthens the nervous system. system.

Wishing to throw off a few extra pounds experts advise before each meal to drink a glass of decoction of chicory root. This broth will dull hunger and reduce appetite. Therefore, you will eat less, and this is a direct path to a slim figure.

Prepare it simply: 150 grams of dry root pour half a liter of water and cook for 15-20 minutes.

Is chicory soluble useful

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