Charging of the pharaohs for healing the body and weight normalization

The papyri of the physician, who developed exercises for the Egyptian pharaohs, combining a special breathing technique and physical activity, have Survived to this day.

Modern scientists, they are striking in their physiology and verzelini effect. These exercises can improve the overall energy tone, cheer up, normalize weight and improve health body!

Exercise №1. "Egyptian cross"

Position your Feet at shoulder width. Hands down along the body and relax as much as possible. Body tilt. Breathing is calm and smooth.

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Inhale Sharply, simultaneously tilting the body back, spreading his hands and clenching his fingers into fists. All muscles should be strained to the limit. Hold your breath in this position for 4 seconds.

photo Source: (channel System ABSOLUT)

And Then the noisy exhalation through the mouth, while bending the body forward, as shown in the first photo. Relax for 4 seconds.

Do the exercise 4 times.

Important! ☝ Perform these exercises preferably in the morning. Before performance it is necessary to carry out a small warm-up. As a warm-up you can use usual morning exercises. ?

Exercise №2. "Swing the axe"

The Housing must be in half-bent position, feet on width of shoulders, hands are freely lowered. Relax well. Breathing is calm.

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Take a Deep breath with your fingers clasped in the lock. Then straighten your back, raise your hands above your head and hold them behind your head as if you were swinging an imaginary axe. Bend your back as much as possible and tilt your head back. Hands clench into fists and tighten your muscles. Hold your breath for 4 seconds.

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Exhale strongly through the mouth. The rapid turn over your left side return to the starting position. Completely relax for 4 seconds.

Make Exercise 4 times 2 times left, 2 times to the right.

Be careful! These exercises have contraindications such as hypertension, aggravation of ulcers, organic diseases of the heart and lungs. It is recommended to consult a doctor before the start of classes!

Exercise 3. "Discus"

Stand straight, place feet on width of shoulders, hands lower along the body. Try to relax as much as possible.

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Produce a sharp inhalation through the nose. Put your left hand back and throw your right hand forward. The movement should resemble a preparation for an imagined assault. As muscle strain and hold your breath for 4 seconds, hold pose.

photo Source: (channel System ABSOLUT)

Exhale Heavily through your mouth while throwing your left hand forward. Return to the starting position and relax for 4 seconds.

Make Exercise 4 times 2 times throw the left hand, 2 times right.

In Order to "calm" the previously tense muscles and evenly distribute energy through the body, it is necessary to repeat all 3 exercises, but at a slow pace. After training, take a contrast shower.

Pay attention! ☝ Get rid of negative emotions after a hard day's work and at the same time lose weight will help special exercises-antistress. ? ? ?

By doing these exercises Daily, you will increase your endurance, strengthen your immune system and improve your body's resistance to colds and infections, which especially true in the cold season!

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