Chaga useful properties, and habitats

Chaga useful properties, and habitats

All the useful properties of chaga, perhaps, not to fit in a single short article. Interestingly, this parasitic organism lives only on old birch trees, and nowhere else. If you ask any folk healer or even a certified doctor what is useful chaga, the amount of information will exceed all expectations.

Healing properties of the fungus

The Use of birch fungus in the form of decoctions and infusions is mentioned on birch bark letters of the XI century. Grandmothers often remembered tea from chaga, the recipe of which is ridiculously simple: boiling water and pieces the crushed body of the fungus. It is used to treat the following diseases:

  • gastric diarrhea regardless of origin;
  • food poisoning;
  • insomnia and nervous overstrain;
  • chronic and acute gastritis;
  • gastric polyps;
  • all diseases of the oral cavity: periodontitis, caries, gingivitis;
  • depression, stress, fatigue, chronic syndrome fatigue;
  • reduced immunity, prone to colds;
  • bad work of intestines, constipation, slagging of the small intestine;
  • baldness, slow hair growth, thin brittle hair;
  • obesity, metabolic disorders.

There is a version that the old healers have accurate recipes for the treatment of decoctions of this fungus some not very advanced cancer. Birch chaga, useful properties which are confirmed by many years of experience - a welcome guest in every home.

Chaga useful properties, and habitats

The Specific benefits of the fungus, what it is

If you take the ordinary aqueous extract of the fungus, which is known to all villagers, and it can uncontrolled take at any time of the day. Ripe mushroom is on the old, dying birch. It is removed, dried in the shade, and then crushed.

Then brew with boiling water and infuse for 30-45 minutes. Birch chaga, useful properties of which are enclosed in these dry debris, will give its "vitamins" boiling water. You will only have to drink this beneficial drink to feel significant It's better.

Chaga useful properties, and habitats

Chaga: good and harm

In nature there are no substances that, along with the benefits, would not bring harm to man. Allergy or individual intolerance of certain substances can instead of healing cause significant harm to a person who learned how to drink chaga, and whether he can do it - did not ask. So, it is not useful to everyone. Here is an approximate list of contraindications:

  • dysentery and chronic colitis;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • taking antibiotics at the same time with this product;
  • alcohol and nicotine simultaneously with chaga;
  • swelling of any origin.

Chaga, useful properties which indeed can cure old disease, will you useful, if know and recommendations on its application of.

Chaga useful properties, and habitats

Chaga: useful properties and recipes preparations

Because it is prepared the alcoholic tincture, aqueous infusions, and decoctions by boiling water. For all the seeming harmlessness birch fungus chaga, recipes for therapeutic and prophylactic agents from which should always be accurate in preparation, you need to use it correctly.

There are many guides on how to brew chaga mushroom, and each of them claims to be exceptional. The most common recipe: old mushroom chop pour water and cook for 35-45 minutes slow fire. Take a glass 3 times a day before meals.

The Best prescription even in folk medicine, of course, is consultation with a good specialist and treatment under control.

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