Cellulite treatment using external and internal use of honey For weight loss

Who says, that help only bitter drugs? If you are not allergic to bee products, then with the help of honey you can not only lose weight, but also quickly get rid of cellulite.

Sweet massage - honey massage

Honey massage refers to reflexology, and used as a remedy for cellulite wide enough. Of course, it is preferable to enroll in a massage course in the salon, but it can be carried out at home. Remember that varicose veins - this is the most important contraindication for any massage, not only honey.

Now, apply it on the palm of honey, preferably not crystallized, and start with light effleurage movements to drive it into the skin. Certainly easy, do not immediately rush into the quarry. You can melt the honey in a water bath, if it is very thick. So, honey thin layer is distributed on the skin, on the hips and buttocks - the main problem areas - usually just enough a couple of spoons. You can combine honey massage with aromatherapy, adding a couple of drops of essential oil - lavender, orange, lemon.

Then the massage is done gently - pressed his palms to the skin and sharply torn off. The effect is similar to the vacuum massage, and sensations can be quite painful. The white mass that appears in the process of massage on the palms is not the slags that love us so much frighten, and simply wax and whipped honey. Massage should be done about 20 minutes, three times a week. At the end - rinse the honey with warm water and apply a moisturizer to the skin.

The Effect of honey massage is simply amazing - the skin becomes elastic, smooth, matte, and cellulite recedes. The explanation is quite simple - activated metabolic processes in the skin, and honey has a mild bactericidal effect, smoothes irregularities, slightly whitens the skin.

Honey anti-cellulite wraps

If you have varicose veins, and treatments with honey carry out want to, you can make the wrap. Similarly, take a couple of tablespoons of honey, melt it in a water bath, apply to clean skin and wrap the film, then a warm towel. After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water and be sure to apply anti-cellulite cream.

Thus small capillaries which can be damaged during massage, remain safe and sound, and the effect nevertheless is observed quite good, the skin gets the tightened and fresh look.

Honey diet

Of Course, you will not only eat honey, but to replace the sugar recommends. Carbohydrates in their pure form, which we generously add to tea and coffee - not the most useful type of carbohydrates. Honey is easier to digest, does not cause fermentation in the intestine, produces a mild laxative effect.

When you want to treat yourself sweet, it is better to eat a spoonful of honey than a piece of cake. In any case, you get the sweet, but the sugar - no. Almost any diet specifies the desire to reduce the amount of sugar. But at the same time sweets can continue themselves pamper, just change them to others. Dried apricots with honey and nuts - a great treat, and dried figs with honey is quite able to replace a large Cup of sweet cappuccino both to taste and invigorating effect.

In the end with this sweet product you do not simply strongly lose weight, but and break up with cellulite. Rare treatment causes as many positive emotions as honey therapy.

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