Cellulite mask with honey

the Summer season will start very soon, it's time to get off the shelves light dresses and short skirts. But are your legs ready to walk in such outfits? To make your body look perfect for the summer, try to make masks against cellulite. They perfectly help to cope with problem areas and act very effectively.

How to fight cellulite

Many girls suffer from cellulite – accumulation of subcutaneous fat. This problem makes beauties hide their legs under long skirts and wide pants. Because of cellulite girls are shy to appear in swimsuits or short shorts and getting very complex. In fact, it is not difficult to solve this problem, the main thing is to apply an integrated approach. In the fight against cellulite, there are three main means – exercise, healthy eating and proper foot skin care.

Modern cosmetology offers a variety of products – creams, oils, masks, as well as mixtures for baths and massages. Find these you can easily in a pharmacy or beauty shop. In addition, you can prepare one of these products in home conditions. Learn how to make a cellulite mask that will help bring your legs in order.

A Homemade mask of cellulite

To solve this problem, you can try different masks – based on clay, cocoa, soda, coffee or tea, as well as other natural ingredients. The most effective is considered honey mask against cellulite. At the same time there are recipes for cold and hot massage, which experts recommend to do alternately.

Very important in this process – make enough physical effort, carefully massaging legs. Additional components, such as essential oils, ground tea or coffee, will help to enhance the effect, but still it should prevail honey. The main thing that the mask had a sufficiently viscous consistency, well stick to the skin.

Mask with honey against cellulite – step by step instructions

1. First you need to heat 4 tablespoons of honey in a water bath.

2. Take 1 tablespoon of very finely ground coffee. Add it to the heated honey and then beat in a mixer.

3. In the resulting mass drop 10 drops of essential oil, best suited citrus – orange, tangerine or lemon.

4. Add also cinnamon oil, the number of drops (from 3 to 7) you need to choose your own. Keep in mind that cinnamon has a very strong warming effect and can cause allergies, because it is better not to add too much of this oil.

5. Mix the mixture well and you can start the massage.

Using cellulite masks on your feet, you not only get rid of the unpleasant problem, but also add to your skin freshness and healthy color. Massage with honey will help to make the skin more elastic and supple, and your legs will look incredibly attractive in the summer sun. But do not forget that to achieve the full effect you need to also take care of a healthy diet and a sufficient amount of exercise.

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