Cellulite, its symptoms and treatments

The Beauty of girls depends on the beauty and grooming of all body parts. Today we will talk about how to preserve the beauty of your feet and prevent the appearance of such undesirable manifestations as cellulite.

Cellulite or as it is popularly known as "orange peel" may appear on the feet of any girl regardless of her complexion, and full girls and thin people equally susceptible to this disease. Cellulite itself it occurs as a result of malnutrition and, as a result, disorders and changes in subcutaneous fat. If your diet includes a large amount of carbohydrates, modified foods and starches, then you are guaranteed to be at risk, and the appearance of cellulite on your legs is only a matter of time. What can be done to avoid the appearance of cellulite or, for example, if it has already appeared. The main and most important thing is not to panic. Cellulite can and should be fought, but it will take a lot of time and patience. 

First of all, you need to radically revise your diet – forget about fried, fatty, smoked, quit Smoking and almost completely eliminate alcohol. You will need to clean your body to the maximum, for this you will need to drink up to 10 glasses of water a day and eat as much vegetable food and porridge as possible. It will be useful to drink a course of vitamins and minerals, for example, "Duovit". You should also train yourself do morning exercises, and even better morning jog, and not just in a tracksuit, and in special rubberized pantaloons. The skin under them will work more, sweating will increase, and, as a result, fat cells will dissolve faster. 

For cellulite treatments we recommend using contrast shower and massage. For this place on the skin, where cellulite is manifested, you should actively massage with a brush with short and stiff bristles. This massage can even cause unpleasant pain, but the positive effect that will follow this kind of massage, more than covers all the negative impressions. Thanks to this stimulation, the lymph ducts open, and its outflow improves, and the lymph itself removes excess fluid from the cells, thus helping to break down and consume fat.

A Very effective method for getting rid of cellulite can also be the use of anti-cellulite gel during massage. Its active substances cause increased blood flow, and included in the vitamins and extracts of medicinal herbs will give the skin elasticity and health.

The fight against cellulite takes a lot of time and effort, but agree that the result is worth it. Many beauty salons now they offer a lot of procedures for the treatment of cellulite, but their effectiveness will depend primarily on you – you can not go to anti-cellulite massage and at the same time eat anything and move a little.

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