Cellulite in thin – the causes, ways to deal with "orange peel"

As usual suffer from cellulite women who have extra pounds. In this case, everything is quite simple: you need to lose weight, and with it will disappear and hated bumps and bumps. All ways to get rid of the "orange peel" are reduced to a total reduction in volume. However, more and more often there are thin girls with cellulite.
What is cellulite? Do not confuse it with ordinary fat. This changes fat layers that lead to the appearance of bumps and dimples under the skin. This problem is peculiar only to women. And it does not arise from excess weight. Cellulite in thin people is not less common than in chubby.

Causes cellulite in thin

So why does almost 90% of women suffer from this problem? The causes of cellulite in thin people are not much different from the causes in women with extra pounds. There are a number of factors that cause fat to be deposited unevenly:

  • Poor nutrition. Even if the girl eats very little, but her diet consists only of harmful products, probably very soon there will be cellulite on thin legs.
  • Hormonal failures. A sharp decrease in the level of female sex hormones that regulate fluid metabolism in the body.
  • Sedentary lifestyle. From hypodynamia muscles become sluggish and undeveloped, and the risk that they are quickly covered with "orange peel", much more than on trained muscles.
  • high-heeled Shoes and uncomfortable clothes. Wearing tight jeans often leads to a violation of the outflow of lymph and venous blood.
  • Smoking. This habit not only harms the lungs, but also sometimes explains why thin people have cellulite. Remember that nicotine leads to narrowing of capillaries and small vessels.
  • Heredity. If this problem in your family is not uncommon, then there is nothing to be surprised at the discovery of the irregularities you have.
  • Stress and lack of sleep. The extra load on the nervous system does not allow all organs to work smoothly and correctly.

So, it is not necessary to suffer from excess weight, to the skin an "orange peel" Even if she observes a strict diet, she may have a weakness for bad food: fast food, sauces, baking. This is one of the reasons why cellulite appears in thin people.

Cellulite from the skinny: how to remove

First you just need to find the cause and fix it. Ways to remove the cellulite that has already arisen in thin people, what to do with irregularities, now quite a lot. The most important thing – to choose the most suitable for you. Here skinny easier, than full. They do not need to monitor the caloric content of each piece of food to finally reduce weight.

You should abandon all kinds of semi-finished products, salt, spicy and fried food. After all, they are the reason why cellulite occurs in thin people. Sweets should be replaced by fruit, there are more vegetables, boiled meat and fish, a variety of soups. In addition to slender legs, thank you and tell the intestines, which such a change of diet it'll be good for you.

Cupping massage with oils will be an Excellent tool. Base oils (olive, almond, peach) can be used separately, and can be combined with essential oils (orange, lemon, juniper oil). This is not the most pleasant procedure, but the result will meet all expectations.

Good help in solving this problem, a variety of wraps: clay, coffee, honey. When combined with a contrast shower, the positive effect is not make yourself wait, and you forget what cellulite looks like in thin, photos – everything that can remind you of this.

Well, the main enemy of the "orange peel" – sports. Choose a workout that is convenient for you, work out in the gym, at home. There is a free minute – do not sit, and do a couple of exercises. The best ones for the buttocks and legs are squats and lunges.

Now you know the answer to the question of whether there is cellulite in thin. You understand that women with this problem many. You just need to remember where cellulite comes from in thin people, how to get rid of it quickly and effectively. Believe in yourself and you will succeed!

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