Celery soup for weight loss: recipes with photos, diet

Celery is a plant that belongs to the umbrella family. It has a specific aroma and has many useful properties. In particular, celery is used for weight loss, because 100 g contains only 16 kcal. The perennial plant is edible and useful without the rest - both tops, and roots are used in food. In modern stores sells stem, root and root celery, but known about 20 species plants.

Benefits of celery

Despite the low caloric content, celery contains a large number of minerals and substances that are valuable for the human body. Its roots, stem and seeds include vitamins, amino acids, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, essential oils and other components. Exactly therefore, the plant is often used in the preparation of a diet for weight loss.

The uniqueness and benefits of celery for the human body are evidenced by the following facts:

  • Two plant stems easily provide 20% of the daily value of vitamins C and A.
  • the Aroma of celery stimulates the appetite.
  • Vegetable protein of vegetable is digested quickly without leaving a feeling of heaviness.
  • the use of celery is coming fast the feeling of saturation as it contains a large amount of coarse fibers.
  • Phenolic antioxidants are not destructive if treated with steam celery for 10 minutes, they provide protection against micro-damage at the cellular and molecular level.
  • the Plant acts as a natural aphrodisiac as it contains Androsterone.

The Benefit of celery for the human body is achieved if regularly eat it. From this plant, you can prepare a variety of dishes: soup, salads and others.

Note! Before using celery should not expect miraculous therapeutic effect, because it is primarily a vegetable, not a medicine. Rather, it is suitable as an aid in the treatment of diseases.

Introduction of celery soup in the diet provides prevention of cancer, which is achieved by the content of picocuries and processot. Also found a favorable effect on the walls of blood vessels, lowering blood pressure. Celery has anti-inflammatory, decongestant, immunostimulating, tonic, diuretic effect. Due to the content of organic acids dissolved salt deposits that are around the joints.

Celery soup for weight loss

Celery is used for weight loss. It effectively cleanses the intestines, removes toxins and all unnecessary substances from the the human body helps to lose weight. It is often included in the list of permitted products in the preparation of the diet. As a rule, celery soup is found in recipes for dishes used in weight loss.

Interesting! Celery not only helps to lose weight, it eliminates chronic fatigue, protects the body from stress, improves the appearance of the skin.

Celery soup Diet

Diet, which is based on celery soup for weight loss, quite effective. It helps to quickly and effortlessly get rid of extra pounds. The advantage of the diet on celery soup is that this dish can be consumed even in large quantities.

Important! However, it is necessary to choose recipes that include natural low-calorie ingredients. Some use bouillon cubes, but this is fundamentally not true! An effective diet consists only of healthy foods, otherwise, the desired result of weight loss will not be obtained.

Celery soup for weight loss

The Benefits of eating celery soup during a diet for weight loss are:

  • acceleration of metabolism;
  • removal of excess water from the body, which helps to reduce swelling;
  • slowing down the aging process, improving the condition of nails and skin;
  • restoration of the digestive tract;
  • withdrawal nervous tension;
  • strengthening muscles and joints;
  • bowel cleansing;
  • reduction of blood sugar, stabilization of mineral balance;
  • salt removal;
  • recovery hormonal background;
  • relieving menstrual pain.

Thus, the diet on celery soup not only promotes weight loss, but also helps to get rid of some diseases, and also to improve the whole organism.

Celery soup recipes for weight loss

Celery Soup for weight loss can have a different taste, because it can be prepared according to different recipes. Thus, everyone will be able to choose the perfect dish when preparing a diet to lose weight.

Recipe 1: simple celery soup

If you use natural vegetables to make celery soup for weight loss, the dish will turn out not only useful, but also it will taste amazing.

Celery soup for weight loss

Simple recipe with a photo of celery soup for weight loss includes the following ingredients:

  • celery root – 0.2 kg;
  • white cabbage – 400 g;
  • bell pepper – 2 PCs.;
  • leek – 1 stem;
  • spices.

To increase the effectiveness of diet on celery soup for weight loss, do not need to add to it salt. If it is not possible to eat unsalted dishes, its use is allowed, but in limited quantities.

The Process of making celery soup at weight loss is simple:

  1. Vegetables need to be washed, cleaned if necessary and crushed.

Celery soup for weight loss

  1. Then they are boiled in 1 liter of water for about 15 minutes.

Celery soup for weight loss

  1. 2 minutes before end of cooking is to add spices to taste.

Celery soup for weight loss

Celery Soup should be removed from heat, cooled slightly and served. If you wish, you can make mashed potatoes from it.

Recipe 2: tomato celery soup

Some cooks instead of plain water to cook celery soup to tomato juice. This dish turns out not much more caloric, so it is suitable for a diet with weight loss.

Celery soup for weight loss

1.5 litres of tomato sauce will have to use the following amount of ingredients:

  • celery root – 200 g;
  • white cabbage – 500 g;
  • carrot – 600 g;
  • pods green beans – 400 g;
  • onion – 2 PCs.;
  • bell pepper – 2 PCs.;
  • spices and greens.

The Process of making celery soup this recipe while on a diet for weight loss little different from the previous one:

  1. Prepared vegetables are crushed, folded into a pan and poured with tomato juice (you can add a little water if the liquid does not cover ingredients.)

Celery soup for weight loss

  1. Products are boiled about 10 minutes without lid.

Celery soup for weight loss

  1. cover the Pan and cook the vegetables for another 5 minutes. For 3 minutes until cooked spices and herbs are added.

Celery soup for weight loss
When the soup is slightly cool, it can bring to the table. If you use it at least three times a week, you can quickly slim.

Recipe 3: celery and canned corn soup

Celery soup prepared according to this recipe is also included in the diet menu for weight loss.

Celery soup for weight loss

You will Need the following ingredients:

  • celery root – 1 PC.;
  • potatoes – 2 PCs.;
  • vegetable broth – 1,5 l;
  • canned corn – 50 g;
  • onion – 1 PCs;
  • carrots – 1 PC.;
  • herbs and spices to taste.

Cooking soup will not take much time:

  1. Potatoes are peeled, washed and diced. Then it is lowered into a boiling vegetable broth and boiled until half-cooked.

Celery soup for weight loss

  1. the Remaining vegetables are crushed and stewed in a pan under a lid with a small amount of water. 1 minute before readiness is added corn.

Celery soup for weight loss

  1. Stewed vegetables are moved into a pot with potatoes and broth. The soup is cooked for about 10 minutes, spices and herbs are added, then the dish is brought to readiness for another 5 minutes.

Celery soup for weight loss
Diet based on celery soup at weight loss is quite simple. The ingredients used are not only delicious, but also very useful.


Diet cabbage soup for weight loss is not permitted to all, despite the obvious benefit of vegetable. Thus, this dish has contraindications.

It is Not recommended to follow a diet based on celery soup for weight loss in the following cases:

  • in uterine bleeding or heavy menstruation;
  • during pregnancy;
  • when epilepsies.

Although celery also helps to lose weight, disorders of the organs of the digestive tract is not desirable to use it fresh. However soup on his basis of people with similar problems resolved. Therefore, it can be safely included in the diet menu at weight loss.

Video recipe celery soup for weight loss

To Deal with the preparation of celery soup for weight loss will help the following video recipes.

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