Causes of red spots on the body and methods of struggle

The Skin can signal changes in the body and the development of dangerous diseases. In particular, red spots on the body are a common sign of health problems.

Let's see what causes redness and how to deal with it!

Causes of red spots

It Often happens that the redness is a sign of such dermatological diseases like psoriasis, eczema and shingles. They are usually accompanied by itching, peeling and cracking of the skin.

Red spots can also occur in infectious diseases - measles, chickenpox and rubella. In these cases, point rashes.

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Also, redness can provoke dysfunction of internal organs, hormonal failures, stress and unbalanced nutrition.

When allergic rash and redness accompanied by itching, swelling and blisters often appear. These are the symptoms of sunburn.

Ways of dealing with the red spots

Relieve pain and other discomfort in the area defeats can be in the following ways:

  1. In case of rash, which is accompanied by itching, a diet is used, excluding from the diet spicy seasonings, chocolate, citrus, smoked and fatty dishes.
  2. Point rashes can be treated with green paint or a strong solution of potassium permanganate.
  3. Red vascular asterisks can be eliminated with Apple cider vinegar, which is applied to the affected area with light massage movements. As the weakness of the vascular contrast shower is recommended.
  4. When peeling and inflammation can be used decoctions and tinctures based on St. John's wort, green tea, calendula, birch buds and chamomile. Solutions are recommended to freeze and apply ice cubes to the problem area.
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The Exact cause of the red spots can only be detected after examination. Do not try to diagnose yourself on the photo of red spots on the skin on the Internet. Before using folk remedies or medicines, be sure to consult your doctor! Only a specialist will be able to choose the best treatment.

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