Cartoon games: the best way to keep your child occupied

Than to occupy the child while dad at work and mom cooks? Open for him site with children's online games that can so captivate the baby that he will not break away from the screen of the tablet or computer. You can safely cook dinner and do other household chores while your fidget will play.

Games for kids of all ages

If the child is very small (2-3 years), it can be in the online game to lay out simple puzzles, paint pictures, dress dolls in beautiful clothes. Because kids not yet know how to properly operate a mouse, much of the time they will be spectators, not participants.

For children aged 4-5 years suitable arcade with a simple story, a beautiful drawing and simple actions. Kids can also try to play simple puzzles and car simulators.

For 6-and 7-year-old children suitable games that require rapid decision-making, increased concentration and the ability to think broadly. Thanks to these games, children will make more serious decisions and improve their speed reactions.

Children's games on divided into categories – for boys and for girls. The first is much more willing to play shooting games, racing, RPG, the second, in turn, prefer cooking, pet care, dress up and kissing.

Also on site there is sorting games on characters. I. e. if the child likes, say, Batman, then he can play only those games where the Central character is this superhero.

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