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If you decide to lose weight before vacation, then one diet can not do. For effective fat burning, cardio training will be required. To properly perform the exercises do not have to go to the gym, you can do at home, only at the beginning read our article and watch the video.

Lose Weight for vacation – cardio at home

First look into what cardio load and why we need them. Cardio or aerobic training aims to result in muscle movements (running, walking, swimming) the process of glucose oxidation with oxygen was performed and energy was released. As a result of training, the cardiovascular system is strengthened, endurance increases, fat is burned, muscle mass increases.

To achieve the result you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • stick to medium intensity when doing exercise (you should sweat, but breathing should not be too choppy);
  • for short loads pulse should increase by 60-75%, with short – 75-90%;
  • the duration of training should gradually increase from 5 to 20 minutes, not counting stretching before and after.

How to lose weight quickly for vacation: the best cardio workout

Fat burning Cardio, video

We Offer you the following home complex consisting of three stages. The main emphasis is on cardio load, but at the same time the muscles of the whole body are worked out.

Stage 1.

Warming up. Put your feet shoulder width apart, straight arms down. Alternately set aside the right or left leg, hands up. Movement should be sharp and intense. Remember to exhale noisily every time you raise your hands.

Stretching. Bend the leg in the knee and fix it for a few minutes with your hand in the area of the ankle. After that perform deep springy tilts forward (hands at the top) and to the sides.

Jumping. The initial position – its feet together, hands lowered down. Start jumping, spread your legs as wide as possible, raise your hands up. The tempo is medium. Exercise is performed 100 times. Beginners can replace jumping with steps, the main thing is to work at the maximum pace.

How to lose weight quickly for vacation: the best cardio workout

Squat (you will need a fitball). Starting position: feet wide apart, hands with the ball at the top. Perform a squat (not deep), the ball is lowered to the floor. Hands and back should be straight. Unbend your knees, again raise your hands with the ball and perform the jump (legs do not approach). When jumping, we try to stretch the whole body to work the abdominal muscles. Repeat 20 times.

After squats back to jumping.

Plank. Lie down on the floor, straight legs put on socks shoulder width apart, arms straight, emphasis on the palm (upper limit). Alternately, pull your knees to your chest, then bend your arms and place emphasis on the forearm (lower bar). Return to the starting position and repeat at least 10 times. Make sure your back is straight. If you want to increase the intensity, in the lower bar also pull your knees to your chest.

Repeat jumping.

Phow to use above the press. Starting position: standing, feet together, hands with a fitball at the top. Perform twisting: lift the straight leg up (alternate right and left), bend forward. Repeat 40 times.

Stage 2.

Are Starting with 100 jumps.

Elaboration of lateral abdominal muscles. Perform exercise "squat" as in step 1, only the ball lower to the floor through the sides (there is a twisting). Repeat 20 times.

100 jumps.

Plank. Starting position: upper level. We pull that one, then the other knee to the chest, do it at a fairly fast pace.

Work on the press. Repeat the exercise from stage 1, only instead of a straight leg lift bent at the knee.

Stage 3.

The Last stage is aimed at maximum fat burning. Exercises and their order are the same as in the first stage, and the pace increases to the maximum possible.

At the end do not forget to do some stretching.

How to lose weight quickly for vacation: the best cardio workout

Now in your Arsenal there is a great cardio workout for fat burning, with it you will definitely lose weight before your vacation and conquer your beautiful figure the beach of some tropical country.

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