Carbohydrates for weight loss: what do nutritionists say?

Carbohydrates for weight lossdo Or don't eat carbohydrates when losing weight? The question, perhaps, ceased to be purely medical and moved into the category of subjects for small talk. Often we hear that "carbohydrates are full, literally immediately converted into fat, and if they are – do not lose weight." It is sad, but this myth, along with many similar, gave us such a respected sport as competitive bodybuilding. So why do so many people avoid the whole class the macronutrients?

What physicians think about carbohydrates for weight loss

Here, as the saying goes, how many doctors, so much and of views. Consultant of the American magazine "Shape" Cynthia Sass against anyone completely excluded from the diet of carbohydrates. She writes that this can lead to headaches, a drop in energy levels, and problems with obsession with sweets and overeating in the future. Cynthia recommends you 1-2 servings of bread or porridge plus a couple of unsweetened fruits and 3-4 portions of vegetables. And yet it allows its clients to feast on sweets once a week 1.

Domestic nutritionist M. Ginzburg believes, that exception carbohydrate food leads to...failure with diet. Say, buckwheat, potatoes, pshenka and pasta are so familiar to us that it is only necessary to exclude them, as we immediately begin to feel deprived and overeat.

Human Physiology is such that it is carbohydrate food that allows us to quickly replenish the energy needed for life, and it increases the efficiency of mental and physical work. Strictly speaking, protein and fat also turn into energy, but do it more slowly. That is why protein diets are worse tolerated with the same caloric content, and fans often experience weakness, lethargy and struggle with dizziness.

There is only one state where time-limiting carbohydrates can be helpful – diabetes mellitus type the second type. In its treatment for a while a diet of lean meat and fish, as well as vegetables such as cabbage, algae, tomatoes and cucumbers is prescribed. However, the question of the appointment of such a diet doctor decides individually, and the diet is enriched with porridge croup with low glycemic index, it is only the patient's condition to stabilize a bit.

How much and what kind of carbohydrates for weight loss I need?

There are several theories regarding the amount of carbohydrates required for the slimming body:

  • Some nutritionists recommend diets for weight loss with 3-4 g carbohydrates per 1 kg of patient weight. As a rule, such a diet is prescribed together with a complex of physical exercise;
  • Others believe that the ideal for slimming is the amount of 2-3 g of carbohydrates per 1 kg of weight, as a rule, such diets are low-calorie, and are prescribed along with increased motor activity, perhaps even without exercise. Often losing weight with such a "carbohydrate level" is recommended to just walk every day for half an hour;
  • still Others believe that it is just 1-2 grams of carbohydrates per 1 kg of weight, but a couple of times per week slimming it is allowed to eat any favorite dish, even with a high sugar content.

And if relative to the amount doctors could not come to agreement, then the question is about the "quality" of carbohydrates for weight loss special not controversial.

    It is Believed that the ideal sources for weight loss arecomplex carbohydrates – whole porridge, bread and pasta from coarse flour, as well as pectin-rich unsweetened fruits and non-starchy vegetables.

So afraid of carbohydrates is not necessarily better finally learn how to properly prepare and consume moderately.

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