Carbohydrate after workout: how to close the video

Carbohydrate window after exerciseCarbohydrate window is a special state of the human body, coming after active physical activity, in which the use of carbohydrate food is very important. Coaches are taught how to "close" the carbohydrate window after a workout in order to get the highest quality result.

What is a carbohydrate window?

Carbohydrate balance in our body is changing, it is especially different after exercise. Was the training successful? Then it is important to eat successfully after it! You should not miss the 30 minutes – 1 hour after class and eat the right product in order to "close" the window. Man, well closed is the protein-carbohydrate window, you can only hope for a positive result.
During active physical activity in the human body hormones are released that rebuild the body so that it is not affected. We can say that these hormones transfer the body to the mode of "economy". Therefore, we feel a surge of strength and energy. After loads, our body is four times faster absorbs nutrients, so it's important what you eat. It has to be that protein and carbohydrate product.
Carbohydrate window after exercise

Do you Know how to close the protein-carbohydrate window

Whatever training, there after it must. As we know, there are "good" and "bad" carbohydrates. We know that in everyday life it is necessary to give preference to the first, because they are slowly processed by the body, saturate, has a beneficial effect on the intestines and your health. However, after training everything changes: you need to use fast carbohydrates with protein. But it is best in liquid form (cocktail, drink), but the solid version is postponed until later. If the protein version of the menu is clear, the carbohydrate should be dealt with carefully. Connect products such as:

  • jam;
  • brown rice;
  • condensed milk;
  • honey;
  • sweet fruits;
  • dates and raisins;
  • potatoes;
  • pasta;

Carbohydrate window after exercise
As a person correctly closing the protein-carbohydrate window, you should know the list of allowed protein products:

  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • chicken breast;
  • fish (salmon);

How to make a cocktail that is very useful to drink after class? Stock up on products that will help to properly close the carbohydrate window:

  • purified water (1 l);
  • ascorbic acid (5 crushed tablets);
  • the juice of half a lemon;
  • syrup rosehip (2 tablespoons);
  • sugar cane or honey (2 tablespoons).

All ingredients should be mixed and drunk. The athlete who closed the carbohydrate window with such a cocktail will feel a huge surge of strength and strengthen his body!
Carbohydrate window after exercise

What to eat after classes?

As we said above, the carbohydrate balance in the course of the day changes, and you need to eat after training in a special way. After a set of muscle mass should be a period of "drying" – getting rid of body fat. During this period, the protein-carbohydrate window is better to leave alone and pay attention to the "protein" window. Weight loss begins. It is important to remove excess fat and leave muscle mass. After classes, drink protein shakes. Thus, you will get a beautiful relief and pumped up figure. As you can see, it is very important to pay attention to such a point as the metabolic window.

Myth or reality?

Still the existence of such a thing as a carbohydrate window is not scientifically confirmed. However, it is worth noting that after training should be "replenished" glycogen and liquid. It is proved that during the period of intensive training, the level of cortisol and adrenaline" jumps", which even after the end of training continue to actively destroy the muscles. Neutralize these hormones can only insulin, which is contained in the "fast carbs". But proteins are also needed, which are best obtained from legumes crops and dairy products.

Video: the close carbohydrate window after workout for weight loss

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