Caloric content of oatmeal porridge on milk: with sugar, butter

For many years oatmeal on milk remains one of the best and nutritious breakfasts, many are interested in its caloric content. The popularity of this dish is understandable. After all, oatmeal is not only low-calorie, but contains a lot of valuable components necessary for the proper functioning of the human body, and in combination with milk, the meal becomes even more useful and nutritious. You can prepare oatmeal in different ways, add sugar, butter, berries and other ingredients. And because each individual dish contains a different amount of calories.

Note! If you successfully cook oatmeal, it will not become "gruel". The use of this dish several times a week is welcomed by adherents of a correct food.

Calorie oatmeal with milk

To find out how many calories in oatmeal cooked with milk, you need read the data of the table. It presents the nutritional value of dishes prepared in different ways.

table of calories and nutritional value of dairy oatmeal

Product (100 d) Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Calorie
Without adding butter and sugar 2.9 2.0 11.2 74,4
With the addition of butter without Sahara 3.8 5,0 15,3 117.2
Without butter with sugar 4.2 4.1 12,4 101.5
With the addition of honey 2.4 1,2 7.9 52.9
With butter and sugar sand 4.4 5,2 18.6 134,9
With raisins 3.8 5.5 25,8 165.2
With fruits 6.2 2,3 37,8 190,0
With raisins and walnuts nuts 4.2 5.5 19,9 140,0

Given that the lowest caloric content in the finished milk oatmeal without adding butter and sugar, this dish is best suited for weight loss. The table shows the nutritional value of 100 grams of food. Since one serving contains 250 g of oatmeal, to determine the caloric content of the meal, you need to multiply the presented the value of 2.5.

Useful properties

Since the caloric content of oatmeal is small, it is recommended to include in the list of dishes for weight loss. However, not only for people on a diet, it benefits. Its value is the rich part. Found that oatmeal, cooked in milk, are present in almost all the b vitamins, as well as N, E, PP. In addition, the composition includes valuable trace elements (magnesium, iron, potassium and others).

Note! In addition to low calorie, another undeniable advantage of oatmeal, is a low glycemic index, which is important for people with sugar diabetes.

The positive effects of the product on the digestive tract of a person. Oatmeal contains fiber, which helps to gently and quickly empty the intestines. Due to complex carbohydrates, this product provides a feeling of saturation for a long time, gives energy and adds cheerfulness. In addition, with regular use of oatmeal porridge on milk, it is possible to reduce cholesterol, clean the liver.

Experts say that the caloric content of oatmeal, cooked in milk, with sugar and butter is quite acceptable to use this dish even when losing weight. Of course, provided use in moderation. And since it will help to forget about hunger for a long time, it is a great option for a full Breakfast.

Thus, tasty and low-calorie oatmeal porridge on milk helps to improve health and restore the work of many organs. Do not eat the dish if you are allergic to milk protein. People with this problem will approach the option of cooking oatmeal porridge on water, with raisins, fruit, honey, nuts or other additional components.

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