Caloric content of coffee with milk and sugar

Accurately determine the caloric content of coffee with milk and sugar will be possible only if you know the fat content of milk and the amount of sugar added to the mug. Also, this figure depends on the type of drink. However, you can follow the average values to determine how high-calorie a particular product. On average, the caloric content of a Cup of coffee with milk and sugar volume of 200 ml is 40-120 kcal.

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table calorie coffee with milk and sugar

It is Known that a Cup of strong ground coffee without sugar and milk contains only 2 kcal. More precisely, 100 g dry grains account for 331 kcal. Instant drink has a high caloric content. And if you use additives in the form of milk, cream, sugar and others, this figure increases significantly.

calorie table of a Cup of coffee with milk and sugar (250 ml).

Product Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Calorie, kcal
Ground coffee with milk and sugar 2.2 2.5 11.9 77,7
Americano with milk and sugar 1.7 1.5 4.5 39.6
Instant coffee with milk and sugar 2.5 3.5 14, 2 114
Latte with sugar 6.6 7.5 18.2 160
Coffee with milk powder and sugar 2.5 2.9 12,0 85,3

cooking Method

To Prepare instant coffee is much faster than the custard. However, it has become known to contain more calories. If it's not scary, you can quickly and easily make a hot drink.

Three simple steps are required:

  1. Put 1 teaspoon of coffee in a Cup.
  2. Pour boiling water over it.
  3. Add 70 g of milk and 1.5 teaspoons of sugar. Stir.

For those who do not like sweets, you can make coffee with one spoon of sugar, especially since the caloric content of the drink will only decrease. It will also be possible to reduce it by replacing sugar with a sweetener.

Note! If milk powder is used for the preparation of the drink, it is not recommended to pour boiling water over the coffee. It is desirable to cool the water slightly so that the milk does not curdle. The same applies to drinks in powder form in bags (3-in-1).

To determine exactly how many calories are in coffee with milk and sugar, it is necessary to take into account each gram used ingredient's. It is also important what kind of coffee is used to prepare the drink. It is known that the caloric content of instant coffee is much higher than that of custard. To minimize the number of calories, you have to prepare a drink in its pure form, without the addition of sugar and milk.

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