Caloric content of coffee with milk

The Question about the caloric content of coffee with milk is often asked by ardent lovers of this drink. Many people who follow a diet for weight loss or just watch their figure, are forced to constantly count the calories consumed. And a big part of losing weight is making a mistake by not considering them in the drinks. Coffee beans themselves contain a minimum amount of calories. However, few people drink coffee in its pure form. As a rule, milk and sugar are added to the drink or other components that improve its taste. It is these supplements that make up the bulk of the caloric content.

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Note! Experts say that the coffee in its pure form washes calcium from the human body, which leads to osteoporosis. It is for this reason that doctors recommend adding milk to it, which has the ability to prevent this process. In addition, dairy products make the taste of the drink softer.

Calorie coffee with milk

Depending on the cooking option, the caloric value of the coffee may vary. On average, it is 27-114 kcal per 100 ml of the drink.

calorie table

Ready drink (100 g) Calorie, kcal
Without sugar with milk 21,0
With sugar and milk 114,0
With milk and honey 37,0
Instant coffee with milk 25.4 mm

To find out how many calories will fall into the body, if you drink a Cup of coffee with milk with a capacity of 200 ml, the table value must be multiplied by 2. For example, the caloric content of a Cup of coffee with milk and honey will be 74 kcal.

table of nutritional value

Ready drink (100g) Carbohydrates, g Fats, g Proteins, g
With milk without sugar 25,0 0.5 2,2
With sugar and with milk 25,0 2.0 2,2
With milk and honey 23,0 2.0 2,2
Instant coffee with milk 23,0 2,2 2.12

Note! Since the caloric content of brewed coffee with milk and sugar is high enough, In Italy it is often used as a Breakfast.

Recipe preparations

There are many recipes that help to make delicious coffee with milk. One of them uses egg yolk.

To prepare milk coffee in this way, you need to do the following:

  1. Boil water, pour into Cup. Add 1 teaspoon of instant coffee.
  2. Beat the yolk separately with 1 teaspoon sugar and 3 tablespoons milk.
  3. Pour the resulting mixture with hot coffee and stir.

This drink is fairly high in calories, but incredibly delicious and flavorful.

Coffee and weight loss

Since black brewed coffee is less caloric, it is recommended to give preference to a pure drink when losing weight. However, not everyone can drink it. Soften the bitterness as well to make the taste more pleasant, and at the same time to prevent the lack of calcium in the body helps milk. Do not add sugar to get a lower caloric content. This drink can be used for weight loss.

Even certain coffee-based diets are Known. Here are two basic:

  1. Drink a Cup of coffee with milk every morning for two weeks without sweetening it with sugar or adding other ingredient. This drink should completely replace Breakfast. At lunch, you should drink a Cup of coffee with milk, prepared in the same way, and eat some fruit and 100 g of meat boiled. For dinner, eat vegetables and the same drink. The diet lasts two weeks.
  2. the Next diet lasts only 7 days, so it is more strict. Every morning you need to drink a Cup of coffee with milk. During lunch it is allowed to eat fruits, boiled meat, any vegetables or eggs to choose from. Then all of this wash down coffee with milk. It is permissible to dine vegetable or fruit salad.

However, one should not count solely on diet. If you need to lose more weight and in record time, it is recommended to do sports.

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