Caloric content of boiled chicken breast

For people on a diet, it is important to know the caloric content of boiled breast to control your weight. As you know, this product is often included in the menu at weight loss, because it consists of useful components and does not pose a threat to the figure. Moreover, according to nutritionists and medical workers, chicken breast in boiled form without skin has special value. As you know, it is in the skin of the chicken contains the most amount of fat.

Note! Chicken breast region slightly dry. In raw form it has a soft pink color, and after cooking it becomes almost white. As for the taste, it is neutral. Boiled chicken fillet is dense, contains visible fibers. It is important to be able to properly boil the meat, otherwise with prolonged heat treatment it can become hard.

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caloric Content of boiled chicken breast

Many people know that the caloric content of this product is small - boiled chicken breast without skin in the amount of 100 grams contains only 120 kcal. The meat with the skin on the calories a little higher. For people who have set a goal to lose weight, frying chicken is not recommended, because the number of calories in this case increases dramatically. But this is not all the negative properties, because the load on the digestive system also increases. To find out how many calories are contained in boiled chicken breast is quite simple, if you read the data in the table.

calorie table of boiled chicken breast

Product (100 grams) Calorie, kcal
boiled Chicken breast without skin 120
boiled Chicken breast with skin 137
Boiled chicken breast without skin, covered with cream sauce 135
Boiled skinless chicken breast with Apple salad 168

table BZHU chicken breast boiled

Component 100 g of boiled chicken breast, g
Proteins 23.6
Fats 1.9
Carbohydrates 0.4

Note! To increase the amount of nutrients in the chicken breast, it is necessary to cook it in a certain way. The product must be washed first. Then pour water and bring to a boil. Drain liquid, fillet rinse again and fill with cold water. Salt, remove the foam formed on the surface of the broth, cook until tender. This method of cooking meat is relevant, bought in the store. Draining the first water, you can get rid of most of the chemicals. If you use a home product, there is no need for such manipulations.

When the fresh chicken fillet is cooked, the weight of the meat decreases, which occurs as a result of water removal. In this part of the calories goes into the broth.

Composition and useful properties

In Addition to the relatively low calorie chicken breast, a positive property of the product is a large amount of protein in its composition. This is the most useful part of the chicken carcass. Chicken fillet in brisket has a unique composition:

  • sulphur;
  • chrome;
  • magnesium;
  • cobalt;
  • phosphorus and other trace elements.

In Addition, boiled chicken breast contains vitamins B, C, PP, A, E and others.

Note! The breast fillet contains 4 times less fat than the meat of the leg of the same chickens.

Boiled chicken breast is good for human body. It enriches it with the necessary protein without loading excess calories, harmful cholesterol and fat. And the protein contained in the fillet is perfectly absorbed. If you cook the chicken properly, it will not only low calorie and healthy but also very tasty. There is a huge number of dishes in which there is a chicken breast, so the menu will not be monotonous.

weight loss Benefits

Through the use of boiled chicken breast athletes enrich their body with useful protein without the threat of getting a large amount of calories contained in fats and carbohydrates. It is necessary to recognize the obvious fact that not only people associated with sports, use the valuable properties of the product. It often happens that the cooked chicken breast on the menu when losing weight. According to nutritionists, it is enough to use it several times a week as a main course to keep the weight within normal limits.

But this does not mean that you can eat only boiled chicken breast, not including other products in the menu. Despite the large number of nutrients contained in the loin of the chicken carcass, other valuable components are required for the development of the human body. For example, in marine fish and other types of meat there are missing trace elements.

Note! In accordance with the diet, it is enough to eat up to 400 g of boiled chicken breast without skin per day. And it is desirable to cook meat without salt.

On the basis of boiled chicken breast can be even telling fasting days.


Despite the obvious benefit and low caloric content, boiled chicken breast has and contraindications. In some cases, this product will have to be eaten with caution or even abandon it.

So, contraindications for use the next:

  • chicken Allergy;
  • age until six months;
  • kidney disease – a large amount of animal protein creates an increased load on the kidneys.

With reduced physical exertion and keeping sedentary lifestyle eat a lot of chicken fillet is not necessary, because the kidneys may not have time to process protein.

Since boiled chicken breast without skin has a low caloric content and contains a lot of useful substances, it is recommended to include it in the menu of each person in the absence of contraindications.

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