Caloric content of beer – what is the caloric content of 100 g of the product of different varieties and what is the caloric content of a soft drink

Beer is a low-alcohol drink that is popular with the different segments of the population. Many men prefer to sit over a glass of strong drink after a hard day's work. And it's no secret that women are also fond of beer.

It is not Surprising that the consequences of alcohol consumption, namely the problem of "beer belly" and a sharp set of fat mass, come to the fore. It's time to understand these nuances and find out how many calories are contained in 100 grams product?

What is the caloric content in 100 gr. beer?

What is the caloric content of beer of different varieties

Everyone keeps telling me that beer is very bad for the body and contributes to obesity. Let's not delay the answer: Yes, it is. But let's look at some more facts.

  • caloric Content 100 gr. beer does not exceed the caloric content of our favorite foods (for example, French fries, Coca-Cola, sandwiches).
  • the Energy value of a Hoppy drink is directly proportional to the strength of the alcohol. In this regard, 100 gr. beer's much less harmful than similar proportions of vodka or whiskey.
  • the calories Contained in beer are not able to harm our waist. Most often, the "culprits" of excess body fat are snacks with high levels of fat and carbohydrates (crackers, squid, pigtail, chips, nuts). After all, in the process of drinking a person's appetite wakes up sharply.

If you take modern alcohol, the product is among the least caloric. For example, 100 gr. cherry beer contains 40 Calories, whereas in wine, there are 80-100 Calories and vodka contains a whopping 270 Calories.

But beer remains the beverage are harmful for other reasons: the products of fermentation can affect the hormonal background of a person, which in turn can lead to obesity.

What is the caloric content of different Beers?

The Modern industry has the most powerful technological capabilities for the production of various types of alcohol. There are light and dark varieties, in addition to which are filtered, unfiltered, live and other varieties of beer.

What is the caloric content of beer of different varieties

If we consider the total caloric content of the foam drink, we will come to the following average data:

Table energy value of 100 g beer.

Name Kcal
light 1.8% 29
the light of 2.8% 37
light 4.5% 45
dark 48

Table of nutritional value of beer per 100 gr.

Name Proteins (gr.) Carbohydrates (gr.)
light 1.8% 0.2 4.3
the light of 2.8% 0.6 4,8
light 4.5% 0.6 3.8
dark 0.3 5,7

It is Noteworthy that beer does not contain fats at all. This explains the theory of nutritionists that bellies do not grow from the number drunk, and from the amount of snacks eaten with a high calorie content.

Another regularity is that light varieties are less caloric than dark ones.

Interesting fact! In Germany, there is Munich's Oktoberfest folk tradition to party and drink alcohol in huge quantities. It is noteworthy that the German foam drink is much stronger than our domestic counterparts.

What is the caloric content non-alcoholic 0.5 % beer?

Unlike classic beer, non-alcoholic contains no more than 1.5% alcohol (but most often 0.5%). At the same time, it does not differ from the strong composition neither in taste nor in smell.

Standard calorie 100 gr. the product is 29 Kcal (fats – 0.1%, proteins – 0.2%, carbohydrates – 7%). However, this figure may vary depending on the composition of the ingredients included in the drink.

What is the caloric content of beer of different varieties

Thus, beer, although not the most harmful drink, but still has a negative impact on the body. Its excessive consumption can lead to hormonal disruptions. Pregnant women and children should completely abandon the foam. And adult men, if very want, to drink beer can be, but small SIPS of.

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