Callanetics for weight loss and health, reviews

Callanetics for weight lossHave You heard about callanetics? This is an amazing way to lose weight, recovery and rejuvenation. Callanetics (callanetic) has all chances to become number 1 in maintaining or creating a beautiful figure. All who already use this technique, entranced by the method that and quick results. Disappointed no! Intrigued? Then everything is in order.

What is callanetics, who invented, who needs?
Callanetics. (Callanetics) is a set of 29 static exercises based on yoga asanas. Exercises combine stretching and static load.

According to the author of the technique, an hour of training in efficiency is seven hours of training shaping or 24 hours of classes aerobics.

Among the supporters of callanetics, a lot of celebrities. For example, Barbara Streisend claims that she owes this complex not only a slim figure, but also a great feeling.

Developed the technique of American Callan Pinkney.

After a long journey around the world when Callan returned home, her knees and back ached, doctors recommended surgery.
Then Callan began to come up with exercises that did not cause back pain. After a while, she was surprised to notice that the body was strong, and tormented back pain disappeared.

Callanetics is suitable for almost everyone. But there are categories of people for whom this technique is "what the doctor ordered", these are those who:

  • not likes active coaching received,
  • have not engaged in any sport and leads a sedentary lifestyle,
  • is overweight, and can not engage in active physical activity.

Where and how many engage
Ideal option - coach and fitness center, of course, if you have the time and money. But callanetics is good because it offers an excellent, no less effective alternative - to train at home. Having bought in the online store a disc with a recording of a set of exercises, you can quickly learn and practice, in principle, in any situation.

When you are just starting out, it is recommended to practice three times a week, each workout should be at least an hour. Then when the effect becomes visible, you can go to two classes a week. To achieve the desired result, it will be enough to 15-minute daily classes. At the same time, the achieved result will be stable.

The Essence of callanetics simple: no sudden amplitude movements, no jumps, no rapid breathing, no excessive sweating - the exercises performed carry a static load. Each exercise is a fading in one pose. The seeming simplicity is deceptive, from tension begin tremble muscles that speaks of quality performance. The pose is held for up to two minutes, then a phase of relaxation and a little rest.

When will the result appear?
The tangible result will be visible after seven sessions (only in full force.) Do not constantly get up on the scales, the first results will be visible not only to you but also to all others in melting volumes. But in weight at the beginning of training, you can even add, do not worry, just muscle tissue that replaces fat, weighs more.

The Effect of callanetics for weight loss is explained by the fact that the exercises involve internal muscles (these muscles practically do not work when you are engaged in shaping and aerobics). Due to this,accelerating fat burning. The most tangible result of the training is observed in the abdomen and waist.

The Joy of the first victories will be motivation new steps weight loss and health: you will become to follow the diet, move more (energy, emerging after doing callanetics, you will need somewhere to send) - all these actions together will be key and new shapes, and new life.

But callanetics is to do not just for the sake of weight loss. Regular practice will give the effect of rejuvenation. The body acquires flexibility, elasticity, improves posture.
We will add to this the improvement of metabolism, the cardiovascular system, the normalization of pressure. Improves skin condition and complexion.

After 10 hours of exercises will be 10 years younger – says Callan.

Special dietary requirements when doing callanetics no.
To training was easy, you should not eat an hour before classes and two hours after (at this time the body burns calories in a heated body classes).

We do not recommend callanetics?

  • After surgery, you can do callanetics no earlier than a year. After cesarean section – at least 1.5 years.
  • When varicose veins can not perform exercises to strengthen the legs, in particular, squats and half-squats.
  • In the presence of hemorrhoids, squat is prohibited.
  • classes for asthma patients are Contraindicated.
  • in case of serious vision problems with the spine, after infectious diseases before the beginning of classes callanetics you should consult with your doctor.

Other restrictions:
If you have cardiovascular disease, do not overstrain, do not strive to perform the whole complex, do as many repetitions as you can. Yes the effect will not be so fast, but otherwise you risk your health.

Callanetics: reviews, results

Irina, 35 years old. an Excellent way to lose weight – itself follow around the complex of and the result experienced the on itself! All friends interested recommended until no one complained, everyone is very happy. Yes, maybe the exercises are not the simplest and would have to "prepare" for the fact that the first time it may not work, but the fact that if you do everything correctly, the result appears – it is undeniable. And not just the result, but the real miracle! Especially cool is that you feel after exercise younger than ten years at least. Wonderful technique, girls, do not even doubt – the result will be!

Evgenia, 26 years old. After a recovered to 55 kg. was Always 43-45 kg, and so I was very depressed overweight. At my height 152 I looked like a bun. About the Japanese diet learned by accident. At first, of course, I thought it was not mine, I can not hold out. Everyone in the family loves salt, and if it is easy to refuse alcohol and bread, then I could not imagine food without salt. But I gained courage and patience and sat on a diet for 14 days. Thanks to the diet dropped 4 pounds. I am not going to stop there and I want to take another course in 14 days. The most important thing here to start, then much easier.

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