Burpee: technique for girls, beginners

To burn excess calories, make the body slim and fit, it is necessary to master the technique of performing burpee. This is a complex exercise, which involves almost all muscle groups. Today it is often used in crossfit, cardio training. One of the main advantages of burpee is that it does not require special simulators. Visit the gym is also not necessary, because you can do at home conditions.

Burpee: what is this exercise?

In fact, burpee, or as it is called, burpee, is a plyometric exercise that combines push-up, jump and bar. In 1939 it was developed by Royal H. Burpee. In honor of the doctor of physiological Sciences, it was named.

When the burpee is executed, the body takes vertical and horizontal position in a short period of time. Heart rate rises, so calories are burned faster. Depending on the phase of the exercise, activated triceps, quadriceps, muscles of the buttocks, thighs and other parts bodies.

Classic burpee

In the classic version the technique to performing a burpee is as follows:

  1. Accept starting position. Stand up straight, put your feet shoulder width apart. Hands freely hanging down along the trunk.
  2. Take a breath. Lean forward, then sit down and rest your palms on the floor. They should account for the main body weight at this point.
  3. Accept "an emphasis lying", legs back. The body forms a straight line, it is parallel to the floor surface.
  4. Press 1 time. Then sit down again, leaning on his hands and knees.
  5. to Make the exhale much bounce. Hands in the jump should go up.

Without stopping, you need to do a few more repetitions. Then, after a short interval, repeat the exercise.

Note! Before proceeding burpie, you need to be realistic about your own capabilities. For beginners, this exercise may be too much. In this case, it can be facilitated or performed after a certain physical training.

the Technique to performing a burpee for beginners

Exercise can be facilitated by removing from it one of the elements. For example, exclude push-UPS.

Burpee technique for newcomers:

  1. Take the original position. Stand up straight, legs are shoulder width apart. Hands hanging down along the body.
  2. Breathe. Lean forward, sit down and, as in the classic version, rest his hands on the floor.
  3. Tilt the legs back, his toes and palms on the floor.  The body is parallel to the floor.
  4. Without doing push-UPS, sit down, lean knees and hands on the floor.
  5. Exhale, strongly to jump up. Hands in the jump to raise up.

Note! Performing burpee for beginners, you can exclude from it not only push-UPS, but also jumps. This exercise will be easier, but less effective.

the Technique to performing a burpee for girls

In fact, burpee technique for girls is no different from the classic version. However, to improve the effectiveness of the exercise it can be complicate things a bit:

  • jump on the step platform or other suitable height;
  • jump over an object – left or right over an obstacle.

Such changes will allow the calf and gluteus muscles to work more actively.

Exercise burpee for women can be done as follows:

  1. Stand up straight, feet placed at shoulder width. Hands are along the body.
  2. On inhalation to perform lean forward, then sit down and rest his hands on the floor.
  3. Take "emphasis lying" and press down, holding the body in one straight line.
  4. set back down, resting his hands and knees on the floor.
  5. On the exhalation jump through obstacle.

Main recommendations

At first glance, burpie may seem like a difficult exercise. However, only a few regular workouts prove that there is nothing difficult. The main thing is to master the technique to do burpee correctly.

Specialists give newcomers the next recommendations:

  • start the exercise slowly, as the first stage very difficult to understand to master the coordination of feet and hands;
  • if physical endurance is not enough, you can do push-UPS from knees and jumping altogether excluded;
  • as you gain experience the speed of execution exercises should be increased;
  • proper breathing depends on the overall efficiency of the burpee;
  • it is preferable to train in the morning on an empty stomach, which will allow the body to recover faster, as well as enhance metabolic processes for the whole day.

Preparation for training

Before proceeding to the implementation of burpee, it is necessary to warm up the muscles. To do this, you will need to carry out before each training session warmup. It may include the following:

  • easy running (5 minutes) – you can use the treadmill, run in place;
  • rotation of hands, wrists (up to 30 times);
  • body tilts in different directions (7 times);
  • head tilts in different directions (7 times).

Also, do not prevent squats, jumping on the spot, push-UPS and other exercises. They should be light and in any case not to overload the muscles, otherwise by the beginning of the training will feel tired and weak. The load received by the human body during the warm-up depends on physical training man's.

Common errors

Most Often when you perform a burpee newcomers have observed the following error:

  • no warm-up before basic training;
  • the execution of a burpee "wear";
  • do not follow proper diet;
  • do not allow the body to recover.

Daily exercise is Not recommended. Enough 3 times a week with a gradual increase in load.

how Many burpees need to do?

The Exact number of repetitions and approaches when performing burpee depends on the physical fitness of the athlete.

Note! In the us army there was such opinion, that soldiers, which makes 40 ordinary cycles burpee for 1 minute, is in good form.

Of Course, for the civilian population, the time frame is somewhat compressed. They can extend to 90 seconds, leaving the same 40 simplified exercise cycles as the reference. The number of approaches should be chosen for themselves.

The following examples will help to Answer the question how many times burpee should be done to achieve the result:

  • TABATA method – 20 seconds of continuous exercise with an interval of 10 seconds, 8 approaches;
  • classic program - 10-20 times, up to 4 approaches;
  • standard for people involved in sports - 12-15 reps in half a minute.

Note! The record for the number of repetitions of burpee, listed in the Guinness book of records, was 47 times per minute. It was put by the Italian in 2016.

a Few reasons why you should do burpee

Since burpee burns a lot of calories, this exercise is ideal for weight loss. In its implementation, almost all muscle groups take part. In addition, the following facts are in his favor:

  • strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  • increases physical endurance;
  • respiratory organs develop;
  • you can train at home without using special devices and without visiting the gym;
  • it is possible to adjust the difficulty level exercises by removing or adding elements;
  • for athletes actively practicing strength exercises, burpee will help build muscle;
  • this exercise restores coordination.

Note! If you want to pump up the muscles of the lower body, it is recommended to include two jumps in the complex exercise. To pay more attention to the chest and arms, you should add a couple of push-UPS. If you want to strengthen the press, enough in the plank position pull your knees to your chest.

how Many calories are burned at burpee?

Since burpee is one of the most effective weight loss exercises, it is easy to guess that it burns a lot of calories. Experts gave approximate calculations and found that for 7 repetitions performed in 1 minute, you can get rid of 15-20 kcal. According to experts, the speed of metabolic processes increases, as in holoprinter lasting 30 seconds. Thus, to burn 100 kcal, you need to perform about 35 burpees in 5 minutes. In turn, for 100 burpees made in 14-15 minutes, including several intervals for rest with a total duration of 2 minutes, you can reset about 225-250 kcal.

However, the above are only averages. The exact amount of calories consumed depends on the weight of the athlete. The higher the body weight, the more calories can be spent. Per hour able on average to burn up to 1,200 calories.

Thus, burpee is an ideal exercise for people who are engaged in sports for weight loss, and also want to pump up the muscles of the chest, press, hands. Of course, for its implementation will have to make a lot of effort, and for a beginner it may seem impossible. However, burpee helps to get rid of just 15 minutes of the same amount of calories as you can lose at the hour training on a treadmill.

Video: the technique to performing a burpee for girls

Reviews of burpee are generally positive. People who have tried this technique of weight loss on yourself, indicate a rapid effect. The main thing is to get rid of laziness and discomfort that accompany the initial stages of training. According to experts, the first results will stimulate and give additional strength for training.

Correct technique performing burpie for girls is presented in the video.

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