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Buckwheat dietBuckwheat diet is the most popular among losing weight, and although this diet is simple: eat buckwheat and lose weight, but there are many questions about its observance.

This page provides some feedback as tolerated buckwheat diet with yogurt without it, weight loss results left by visitors to our site. Perhaps you will find answers to your questions among them.

What can be added to the buckwheat diet menu

Sitting on a buckwheat diet the fourth day! The first two days was only buckwheat and green tea. Yesterday there was a sour taste in the mouth and bad breath, although this had never happened before. How now to get rid of these feelings – I do not know, maybe someone will tell.

Hello, Zina. To answer Your question: when burning carbohydrates are allocated odorous substances – ketones, which give the breath a specific flavor.
I constantly sit on a diet, and therefore faced with this problem (bad breath),which scared me a little)))) do Not worry, it will pass, but not immediately, because the cleansing of the body – a long process!

Hello! Today I leave the buckwheat diet – sat for 12 days. The result in volumes, in weight left a little. Sat the second time – until this month backward. From pros: lost weight all. Thighs, legs, shoulders – my mother did not recognize me and said that like herring Skin in perfect condition – go all sorts of pimples and bumps.
Of the minuses: the first two days of terrible headache (lack of glucose and carbs) and basically in the toilet with this diet to go is very difficult. Plus the weakness and some inhibition. It is better to add 200 grams of cherries plus something laxative. And in the rest of the super diet! Good luck! Survive the first 3 days, and everything will go as butter!

In the early days is a weakness and lethargy, and nausea and perhaps one as – depression, aggression, etc. be Patient, don't give in. Buy and drink vitamins. If quite bad, then add something (egg, cucumber, Apple). I have so, too, in the first time this diet was. And now the second day ends – normalek, I run like a horse and do not even want to eat, though I want to drink without end (drink water).

For variety – eat buckwheat chopsticks. Those who do not know how to diet – learn. Sticks grab a little pinch and while reaching for the next -the first is thoroughly chewed. The feeling of satiety comes faster, and the process of eating empty buckwheat becomes fun

Weight-loss Results and output of buckwheat diet

About buckwheat diet with kefir learned accidentally, only after, as she has become rapidly rise in price. Decided to try. The effect is stunning. I feel great. The pressure was 130\80,as in his youth. And I'm nearly 62 and weight 110 lbs. And none of the doctors could tell such wonderful medications like buckwheat. Indeed: the rescue of drowning – the handiwork of drowning.

Hello dears!!! I sat on a buckwheat diet for 14 days, dropped 7 kg, at first it was hard and buckwheat is not lezla...added to the diet of cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, now I stick, do not eat after 7 hours...there is MUCH LESS sweet, already do not want to, and in fact there was a terrible sweet tooth, I arrange once a week fasting days, only kefir. The volume decreased, which is very nice.

Buckwheat diet with kefir is very useful and effective. I tried it a couple years ago. It lasted 5 days. The first 2 days – only buckwheat and water, the 3rd day – buckwheat kefir, the 4th day – buckwheat with tomato juice, the 5th day – buckwheat with milk and sugar )) the Result is minus 3 kg. I was about so much and had to lose. The result lasted for a very long time without further restrictions on food.

I sat on this diet for 6 days lost 4 kg. But then, the holiday, then something else, the weight is back. We conclude that it is necessary to observe the diet! try not to eat after 18 hours and one day a week to unload!!! not yet eat everything.

I'm more than a month ago sat on this diet for a week got rid of 6 kg. Tomorrow I want to try another week to sit. Last time I had buckwheat in 5, sixth floor. And yogurt can drink before bed or an Apple to eat.
Dropped pounds have not returned, despite the fact that I have a couple of weeks eating everything in sight. Last week I sat on a buckwheat diet with yogurt, then about a week out of it, ie continued to drink the tea only with honey, bread eaten only on 1 small slice of, the first days in all was putting celery. Generally on a diet I lost 5 ,and the last of the pounds I lost when I went with her. And most importantly, do not eat after 6, only yogurt.

Hello! Today is the 6th day of the diet. The first 2 days dropped one kilogram . Now on 400 grams already , but would still well. I feel good, except I'm hungry. Sit on this diet a 2nd time . After the first time did not recover for almost a year . If only a little , but I always 1 time a week fasting day . And the meat did not eat mostly vegetables , you can fish boiled or stewed . But by the end of the year I relaxed start to eat everything , I will not say that a lot added .
Girls long not sit on diets, this very harmful . Once a year I consider it normal, but no more .

Personally for me buckwheat diet was the impetus, for the 2nd day the weight does not increase, observe the regime nutrition, after 18 only kefir. And what is most interesting, does not pull absolutely harmful food, I want fruit and vegetables! But I do not completely refuse buckwheat, at least once a day, but I use it.

Girls, you can eat buckwheat without dieting. Ate buckwheat in the last week of Lent for 5 days – 3 kg. Buckwheat boiled with pickled cucumber or sauerkraut, while still eating apples, bananas, oranges and boiled vegetables, hunger is not occurred.

Buckwheat diet, possible problems

It has been 2 weeks since I ended my diet, ate a little, but all kilogrammchik back!

diet of course is good, but it's hard on her, almost fainting and so good!

Diet tried on itself more than once. The results I was very pleased for 7 days on a buckwheat diet it took 5-6 kg!!! However, the further consequences are not very good, began kidney problems. So, girls, be careful!!!
My personal opinion: the diet should not last more than 10 days, then she is in favor is unlikely. And buckwheat diet need to be repeated at most 1R. in half a year. It is better to arrange fasting days on buckwheat and eat balanced!

Hello Everyone. Sat on a buckwheat diet for 3 days (not yogurt drink), lost 3cm on the waist and 1.5 kg....of course it's cool, BUT 3 days of constipation (sorry of course, but I write as it is) and the stomach was stabbing heavily, now on gruel and broth sit to calm the stomach...kg is back, here's how you sit on this diet without harm to health?

The most popular question: "do legs lose Weight on a buckwheat diet?"

Lose weight all, in principle, but depending on the physique, something more, something less. Personally I have, Boca very well lost weight, and cellulite, by the way, on thighs was gone. Visually decently decreased volume.

I honestly did a week on the buckwheat diet. Went 4.2 kg. That is to say began with the growth of 168, 58.5 per kg. Legs thin and hints of cellulite is all gone.

My hips and left for 2 months of weight loss and diet, mostly diet, gone: only 9kg, 5 cm in the hips, 3 cm in waistline, 5-6 cm in legs, and chest respectively

Advice from ABC Diets: try diet for weight loss legs and exercise for weight loss legs.

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