Buckwheat diet: lose weight on a budget of 1 kg every day

Buckwheat is considered one of the best budget products for diet. It helps to lose weight by cleansing the body of accumulated harmful substances and improve metabolism.

While buckwheat is quite hearty and you will not have to experience the painful feeling of hunger. For a week on a buckwheat diet you can lose up to 7 kg of excess weight!

The Rules of the diet on buckwheat

1️ Buckwheat porridge should be prepared on water, without the addition of salt and oil. During the day you can eat 600-700 grams of boiled buckwheat.

2️ Supplement the Diet can be grapefruit, cucumbers, one percent kefir and low-fat fish (not more than 200 grams per day).

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3️⃣ Salt and sugar are completely excluded from the diet. You can replace them with various spices, spices and herbs.

4️ non-carbonated water, green tea and natural coffee are recommended (only in the morning).

5️ three meals a day. Dinner should be served at least 4 hours before bedtime. If you feel a strong feeling of hunger before going to bed, then drink a glass a one percent yogurt.

THE ABC RECOMMENDS Diet on buckwheat and kefir: ordinary rules - chic outcome

Sample menu

Breakfast: buckwheat + half grapefruit + black coffee.

Lunch: buckwheat + baked fish + 2 cucumbers.

Dinner: buckwheat + a glass of kefir.

For maximum results, this diet is recommended to be combined with light physical activity. Even the regular charge will benefit!

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