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This article contains some reviews on how the buckwheat diet helps to lose weight, tips on how to comply with it and how to get out of the diet, left by the readers of the site. As well as the results of weight loss on the buckwheat diet.

buckwheat Diet: reviews

Buckwheat diet, like all short-term diet is not a panacea. If the initial weight is large, the first days can leave a kilogram, but it takes water. Do not make too big plans in advance, buckwheat diet results can simply disappoint, and, as consequence of, disruption.
At the same time, a week or two on buckwheat and kefir can help clean the body and give impetus to slimming. Here is one of such stories:

Hello skinny girls! So decided to look you up and morally support. I hope my diary of a madman (so close I call it) will help someone. I honestly sat on buckwheat diet 2 weeks, the last day was December 15th. The result at the time of the end I was not very happy, at that time – minus 4 kg. by the Way, until that moment I NEVER sat on a diet in my life. Came out of the diet gradually, without loading the body with food. Every 6-7 days I arrange fasting days – I drink only water and green tea with lemon. Girls I love – the body works like a clock, there was a lightness, the stomach is not hanging, and I continue to lose weight! The only thing that darkens – all the old things are great to me. I understood the main thing, after diet not to EAT everything! I stopped eating foods that contain large amounts of carbohydrates (porridge, bread, flour) and stupid food (chips, Kirieshki). Everything will be fine. I calmly during the new year holidays went to visit her parents and saw your seagulls, because there was a time day off, and let everyone eat salads with mayonnaise and other nonsense, all in shock from me. But I the know, that tomorrow I, too, sing its a favorite salad from vegetables with sauce the fish, and it will look good!

Many are upset that the scales during the diet "stand", but note that the volumes go away. But why would you tell everyone you meet your weight and appreciate you exactly the volumes.

Good morning! Well ... , it's been 7 days. In the morning weighed and...
The kg on the spot.. This is weird.. but things can be lost, but Oh well, the body cleared a bit.
By the way saw this buckwheat diet-CLEANING together with mom. Mother, too, on kg such a same.. and skirts are hanging, even a new had to buy...

Here we have collected some reviews of buckwheat diet with tips to comply with and diet left by readers of the site. Perhaps they will be useful if you are looking for an answer to any question.

Hello all :) I read your feedback, and wanted to share. I on a buckwheat diet lost weight in a week on 4 kg, ahead one more week. I would like to say, one of the main mistakes of dieters, to eat as little as possible, to endure hunger. But when food comes in less, the body begins to store nutrients essential nutrients, and very difficult to part with their stocks that we see on the hips or tummy. So try to deceive the body without starving. Calmly eat as much as you want, over time, food consumption will decrease.

share their experiences. In the evening, one glass of buckwheat was steamed – almost a full plastic container was obtained. My morning started with warm water with lemon juice (about a quarter of a lemon squeezed) and a Cup of coffee without sugar – I could not refuse it, otherwise falling asleep on the move. During the first two or three days I ate all the buckwheat, but until 17-30, in the evening I drank kefir. Also in the afternoon drove green tea in unlimited quantities. But from the third or fourth day I could not eat all the buckwheat, and did not want to. And by the end of the diet container with buckwheat left somewhere in two or three days. My personal opinion is that you can not add anything to the menu, because, firstly, from apples want to eat more, and, secondly, with the advent of new taste sensations (no matter, greens, garlic, fruits, etc.) again, there is an increased appetite. You girls cannot even imagine the pride and respect I was filled in when got be tempted to eat something, but didn'T. My reward is a significant weight loss. By the way, today is the third day without buckwheat diet, and on scales, minus still 1 kg.
And yet, be sure to take a short break – it is recommended by nutritionists after monodiet. Give the body a little rest, gain strength and vitamins, and after a month again in battle. Correctly say, the main thing in the beauty – health.

Couldn't stand it: weighed today, on day 7. Total: minus 3 kg for 6 days, from 58 to 55 kg. For someone it is too little for such term. But girls, as well without them! Do complex of physical exercise. Autumn ran. Soon again will begin. Abdominal muscles, buttocks, calves are well strengthened. I understand that only water left. In General, a month is recommended to lose weight no more than 3-4 kg, so that there is no harm to health. And the skin will not droop. But we are all chasing the result: the more in a short time, the better. No. The body can not be fooled. It is better to slowly reduce weight, but for sure. Agreed? Just I already had a bitter experience: for 2 weeks I lost 8 kg on a low-calorie diet, and after 2 months the weight returned with excess. So this week on the buckwheat-kefir diet will be considered cleansing. Want to continue to use it as fasting days. Today is the last 7 day diet. She was quite tolerant, not hungry. Buckwheat all through never ate. But allowed himself to day Apple. Yogurt don't drink, strictly in 0.5-1 hour. I do not want to eat in the morning, but it is necessary to metabolism (metabolic process) Wake up. Plan to move on fractional power from tomorrow: 5-6 meals in 2.5-3h. Eat little by little, drink a little more and after 6-7 nights, no, no! GOOD LUCK AND PATIENCE! WE EAT TO LIVE, NOT LIVE TO EAT!

Is it Possible to add to the diet buckwheat diet vegetables, as will change from this outcome? All individually, but here are examples of successful and delicious weight loss and reviews of buckwheat diet.

Reviews of buckwheat dietBuckwheat diet for weight loss: reviews and results

Girls, sit on buckwheat 3rd day. But buckwheat is not empty (carrots + onions fry a little and bring to readiness with some water under the lid + prunes – very tasty). In the evening the same buckwheat + kefir. Do not torture yourself, the result is -2,0 kg.
And yet, utritsa as awake, give earn the food system: water-water-water, though a glass.

I have today 7 day. Truth, with violations – I salad green and cucumbers eat with buckwheat and in the morning – low-fat cottage cheese. It took me 2.5 kg. But look better just in the problem areas left.

Hey, guys!!! And I have today 3 th day. I'm great!!!
In this diet I have no doubt, because I saw the results on my girlfriend. She survived 14 days, it was hard, but now looks amazing. Lost weight great, and the skin was clean.
By the way, some advice.
Diet allows you to eat some fruit. And, given that now the season of strawberries and cherries, can be a bit of fun themselves this allow.
In addition, it is good to drink teas, especially green, as they remove toxins from the body. But no sugar!

For everyone who still sets himself the task as quickly as possible to lose weight, a warning from Ann:

Sat days five. Because eating cereal without yogurt, and she does have not climbed, for a day, eat two tablespoons of buckwheat only, and when haven't eaten. And nothing so, cheerfully, weight decreased. But then the hemoglobin dropped, and I almost fainted. Three days trying to get out of this state, yet fails. I want to warn people like me, so as not to Deplete the body. With this as now, already in Libra care (((

Prevention of constipation on buckwheat diet. The cleansing effect of the buckwheat diet will completely disappear if you have during the diet constipation.

  • Definitely a day to drink a liter and a half of water (green or herbal tea). But it is best to drink drinking water from bottles.
  • in the Morning immediately after waking drink a glass of warm water, you can add to juice lemon's.
  • Can be useful seaweed, can buy at the drugstore dry and add to the buckwheat.
  • 2-3 teaspoons of flax seeds pour a glass of cold water, insist 2-3 hours, stirring often, then, without straining, drink before going to bed.
  • Greci need to eat as much as you want, don't limit yourself, be sure to chew well.

Another review of buckwheat diet for weight loss:

From personal experience I can say that the day started with a glass of warm water with lemon juice (about a quarter of a lemon squeezed), and the body worked like a clock :)

And advice from readers of the website on diet after diet:

Julia Ko:
Hello dears! For the first week got rid of 5 kg!! But then came the "turning point" when the fight goes for every 100g! I've set the ground rules., which I adhere to:
1. do not eat at night, after 18 hours! I allow myself tea with milk without sugar or buttermilk.
2. don't overeat! in fact, there are a lot of things, but the main thing is not mixed up and not kilograms! For example, me sometimes want sweet – I do not deny myself – I eat a small piece of bitter chocolate!
3. watch your weight carefully at the same time (I weigh myself in the morning before eating).
4. do not bring to sharp feelings of hunger – then sit down to eat – will not stop!

Suggest also to immediately identify a list of "approved" foods. For example: beetroot, cabbage, vegetable, Greek salads; stewed/steamed/boiled main courses (without side dishes); buckwheat, rice – unlimited; fruits, vegetables; grain bread (without fanaticism). And to define "forbidden" products: mayonnaise, sweets, flour, fried, potatoes (though it is slightly possible in a uniform). And I take vitamins: the main thing in beauty – health. All luck in this not easy class!


Julia To correctly writes, the only thing I want to add NECESSARILY NEED to DRINK plain WATER. Need 2 liters, but it usually works for me in 1.5. If you stick to the weight good out, I checked myself. And in the evening after 18: 00 there is like less, preferably is from 17-00 to 18-00, in the evening then is simple – there are not very desirable.

Share results your weight loss, leave your reviews of buckwheat porridge, whether buckwheat diet helped you to lose weight, read reviews of others. By the way, on the Internet you can find a lot photo "before" and "after" buckwheat diet. Successful weight loss!

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