Buccal face massage: video, training, before and after

Buccal massage is performed To influence the facial muscles in order to improve their tone and tighten the relief. As a rule, a deep massage effect is carried out in the cheeks, not only from the outside but also from the inside. Today we know several techniques of buccal facial massage, which is easy to perform independently at home.

History of the method's origin

The Developer of the method is a French beautician Joel Ciocca, which first created an independent buccal facial massage. Initially, the idea was not accepted by the adherents of the classical technique, but the specialist assured that the pain that arises during this procedure, do not go to any comparison with the effect obtained.

Indeed, unlike many other techniques, sculptural deep-tissue buccal facial massage stands out relatively strong effect on skin. In addition, his technique is quite unusual, because it involves the study of muscles through the mouth.

Anyway, the technique has gained worldwide popularity. But Joel emphasizes that, despite the opportunity to perform buccal facial massage alone at home, the training will be difficult, and to facilitate this process help the video, which clearly shows the correct technique.

Video: how to do buccal massage correctly on their own

In fact, buccal facial massage helps to achieve good results. Importantly, to observe precisely the correct technique and the General rules. To learn how to do buccal facial massage at home, you should read the following video tutorials.

Indications for self-buccal facial massage

To Do buccally massage of the face preferably women who have crossed the thirty-year mark. It will not hurt at an earlier age, but up to 30 years, many do not face problems with the appearance of wrinkles. More precisely, they are not so deep and pronounced.

Indications for buccal facial massage are:

  • change contours of the face (ambiguity and vagueness);
  • fading of the skin and change its color;
  • loss of skin elasticity and firmness by which their nature endowed;
  • swelling of the face;
  • deep wrinkles;
  • body fat, formation of the second chin.

Note! It is worth noting that buccal facial massage helps to cope with more serious problems. For example, restores facial expressions lost after a stroke.

Learning bucalemu massage

On a professional level make it work, most likely, only specialists. But even ordinary people will be able to master the technique of buccal facial massage with minimal errors on their own. Guided by video tutorials, you can easily perform it at home.

The Technique of self-buccal facial massage is as follows:

  1. get Rid of make-up using special means (milk, gel for washing). If you are accustomed to using ordinary soap, you can take and it but it is advisable to use one that does not dry the skin. Hands wear sterile gloves or thoroughly wash hands and then treat them with alcohol. The procedure should be performed clean to prevent infection of the skin.
  2. Massage the skin of the face, making light warming movements. The direction you should choose from the lower jaw to the cheekbones. The force of pressing gradually should increase.

  3. Place the middle and index fingers on the inner wall of the cheek. Then, performing slow smooth movements, massage, starting from the corner of the lips. In this way, it is necessary to massage all the chewing and facial muscles.

  4. When the main part of the massage is completed, is to start light movements using the pads of your fingers. Need to clap on the outside of the cheeks to restore blood circulation in order to avoid swelling.

  5. Apply nourishing or moisturizing cream to face.

With correct technique, can be fast enough to achieve the desired effect.

Rules of buccal massage

Effectiveness after the massage will be achieved if you adhere to the basic rules:

  • sterility is especially important, which is why the skin of the face should be perfectly clean, and the hands should wear gloves, changing them after each session;
  • the first procedure should last no more than 15 minutes, as for the skin, such actions are nothing new – when sensations become more familiar, time can be increased;
  • during the massage is caused a pleasant pain, which is similar to the feeling after an active workout, it is the limit of normal;
  • do not delay the procedure, because the pain may increase, and the face will leave traces;
  • after the first session, you will not be able to get the expected result, you will need to complete the entire course massage's.

Note! The full course of buccal facial massage is 10-15 sessions, depending on the skin condition and age characteristics. The effect may not be obtained if the session is interrupted. At least 5 procedures should be carried out, after which, provided the correct technique, you can achieve the first results.

Before you decide on this technique, it is important to study your skin, its condition, draw conclusions about the required number of sessions. After the first procedure, there may be a slight swelling, which should not frighten. On the contrary, this is a normal phenomenon that will disappear after a few hours.

Note! In addition to buccal facial massage, you can use a cosmetic lifting effect. It is also allowed to use cosmetics of local action, such as masks, gels and creams.


Like any cosmetic procedure, buccal facial massage has contraindications, so do it at home should be careful, given the possibility of adverse effects.

Contraindications for the procedure are as follows:

  • cancer;
  • susceptibility to allergic reactions;
  • skin diseases, occur in the acute form;
  • wounds, bruises or bruises on the face.

In Order not to harm their health, it is important to abandon buccal facial massage in the presence of these conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Main advantage of buccal massage for the face is that it can be done by yourself at home. In addition, it is universal because, in addition to the breakdown of body fat and rejuvenation, promotes rapid recovery of facial muscles after a stroke.

Not devoid buccally massage and shortcomings. First of all, they are limited localization, that is, the procedure is carried out mainly in the cheeks. Experts suggest to carry out it in a complex with sculptural exercises. In their opinion, the sculptural-buccal facial massage will help to transform the appearance into a positive way to recognition.

Probable hazards

If you use the services of a beauty salon, the result after buccal massage is entirely dependent on the experience and skill level of the beautician. Performing the procedure at home, you can only hope for themselves. That is why experts insist on the exact observance of the correct technique.

Unwanted effects can be obtained under strong pressure on the soft tissue or improper grip of the chewing muscles. This will not only make it impossible to make the face more beautiful, but also harm the appearance.

The Result of the wrong methods of buccal massage can be severe painful symptoms. As a rule, they disappear after a certain period of time, it is only necessary to stop the session. However, in some cases, may remain a trace in the form of bruises and hemorrhages on the face. The volume of the cheeks can also be several increase, but in most cases this is the norm. Usually the swelling rapidly subsides after some time.

How to fix and save the effect?

So, how often do buccally facial massage? Experts recommend repeating the course in 2-3 weeks to consolidate the result. If the effect is not achieved for the first time, it is necessary to review your own mistakes and repeat the procedure after a specified time, acting correctly. The duration of the result depends on the condition of the skin and is individual for each case.

Pin effect will help cosmetics. As a rule, it is a lifting mask, but a specific drug is selected individually by a beautician. It is recommended to apply the product after the first procedure.

Photos before and after buccal massage

Today buccally facial massage shows Malysheva and others leading in their TV shows, so it is popular. And all thanks to the effect that can be achieved after only a few procedures. In favor of buccal facial massage show numerous positive reviews, and the proof presented photos before and after the course.

The photo shows how much improved skin condition after buccal massage's. Smoothed the wrinkles, the color was changed. The skin looks more healthy and well-groomed.

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