Bronchitis diet: acute bronchitis in children and adults and diet for effective treatment of the disease

Bronchitis is accompanied by inflammatory processes occurring in the bronchial mucosa. Basically, the disease acts as a complication in the inadequate treatment of infectious diseases. There are two forms of bronchitis: acute and chronic. If the patient is not timely prescribed effective therapy, the disease can develop into inflammation of the lungs. In addition to the treatment itself, it is also important to maintain the correct food.

Diet in acute bronchitis

Adhering to a proper diet, you can reduce toxicity in the bronchi, improve the body's defenses. Thanks to the diet (table number 9) it is possible to replenish the reserves of vitamins and other nutrients. Doctors recommend that their patients adhere to a daily diet of 3,000 kcal. Special attention should be paid to products rich in animal protein. As for carbohydrates and fats, do not exceed the physiological norm.
Sometimes there is no temperature in bronchitis and this indicates a weakened immune system. Often this occurs in children (age: 1 year or more).

Acute bronchitis: nutrition of children

For a child suffering from an acute form of bronchitis (with obstruction, with allergic bronchitis), it is necessary to develop a diet that does not include too high-calorie foods. At the same time, he shouldn't be hungry.

Note: it is Important to provide the child with a fractional diet and prevent overeating.

Diet in bronchitis: conditions for successful treatment

When removing sputum from the bronchi there is a loss of protein, so it is necessary to fill it. To reduce the density of mucus, it should be introduced into the diet of the child onions. If the baby has not reached the age of five, you can mix it with honey and give several times a day on a teaspoon. Children after five years is unable to eat onion with bread and a bit of sugar with different dishes.

Start of treatment

Even before the start of treatment, doctors recommend their patients suffering from acute bronchitis to sweat well. To increase sweating, decoctions prepared on the basis of herbs (elderberry, mint, Linden, sage) are used. It is recommended to drink them with honey to enhance the effect. It is also important to adhere to a full diet, which includes all necessary components.

Important! Some foods can disrupt digestion. This should be taken into account when choosing them. They should be easily digested and assimilated.

What cannot be under bronchitis?

It is Not recommended to use fresh flour products. Bread should be yesterday's or dried. Fall under the prohibition of fatty meat broths. It is undesirable to include smoked products, canned food, barley, pearl barley in the diet and millet porridge. It is also not recommended to use legumes, white cabbage, radish. Fatty meat and fish should not be used in the menu, as well as spicy cheeses and sour cream. It is forbidden to drink strong tea and coffee.

Note: Meals should be salted, as salt tends to retain fluid in the body and prevent its excretion, which adversely affects the heart and blood vessels.

Alcoholic beverages under strict prohibition. It is necessary to follow a diet of one to two weeks, depending on the severity of the disease.

What can be under bronchitis?

It is Allowed to eat stale bread or bakery products in dried form. Light meat broths or vegetable-based soups are also recommended. Meat can be included in the diet. The main thing that it was low-fat. It can be used in its pure form or cook cutlets, meatballs and other dishes.

Acceptable method of cooking in bronchial asthma – a steam or boiling. It is allowed to use butter and dairy products with a low percentage of fat. Cereals made from allowed grains, should be a liquid consistency. In small quantities adults are allowed to eat vegetable salads. As a drink, it is better to choose a decoction of rose hips, weak tea, compote, milk with honey.

Diet in bronchitis: conditions for successful treatment

Basic postulates of the diet in bronchitis

There are several basic postulates that were developed by physicians for the treatment of bronchitis:

  • meals are served 5 times a day;
  • increase in the diet of foods with high content squirrel;
  • the amount of fat and carbohydrates is within the physiological norm;
  • dairy products are recommended for use, as they are easily absorbed by the body and reduce the negative effects of antibiotics;
  • fresh onions should be included in the diet, as it liquefies the sputum, which contributes to its rapid excretion from the bronchi.

Important! To maintain the immune system in complex treatment necessarily includes vitamins. They can be prescribed in the form of tablets with a useful component or certain foods rich in their content.

Sputum removal products

Diet in bronchitis: conditions for successful treatment

To get rid of mucus in the bronchi, except onions, herbal decoctions are used. Also, warm whey will bring benefits for the recovery period. Thinning and removal of phlegm fits orange or lemon juice, mineral water. Ginger will help to soften the cough and relieve inflammation.

Drinks under bronchitis

Drinking regimen plays an important role in the treatment of bronchitis. Instead of tea and coffee, it is better to prefer warm milk with honey and soda. People with asthmatic disease are recommended to brew the fruits of dry raspberries in boiling water. Fresh juice – a storehouse of vitamins that are necessary to combat the disease. And, for its preparation it is possible use not only fruits but also vegetables. Ayurveda also helps.

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