British nutritionists claim that the wine diet works!

As you know, most weight loss methods exclude alcohol consumption. However British nutritionists have found an unusual diet, published in the journal Vogue in November 1977. Its main component is not buckwheat and not even kefir, but the most common table wine, reports Daily Mail.

This diet promises weight loss of 3 kg in just 3 days. Let's see what is the benefit of wine for weight loss and whether to use a wine diet, which was popular for about half a century back? 

What caused the use of wine

The Benefit of wine for weight loss is due to the fact that it contains resveratrol – a substance that helps to accelerate metabolism and improve the digestive system. In addition, high-quality wine reduces blood cholesterol and has a diuretic effect.

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This drink has another plus – it dulls the appetite. If you drink a glass of wine before eating, you are guaranteed to eat less.

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Essence wine diet

Schematically wine diet is as follows: for Breakfast – boiled egg and a glass of wine, for lunch – 2 more eggs and 2 glasses of wine. For dinner, it is recommended to eat meat steak and finish what is left in the bottle after Breakfast and dinner. It is noteworthy that the drafters of the diet recommend drinking wine with a Cup of natural coffee.

Important! In no case do not take sweet or semi-sweet wine!

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The total energy value of the three-day diet is less than 1200 calories, and the daily need for fats and vitamins is almost completely satisfied. Therefore, this method allows you to lose weight without introducing the body into a stressful state.

However, the wine diet, there are serious disadvantages. Experts note that the abundant use of alcohol and coffee can lead to dehydration. In addition, the wine diet is not effective in the long term: after its end, the dropped pounds quickly return.

Important! Any diet has contraindications, so it is necessary to consult a doctor before use.

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From all of the above we can conclude that wine (in reasonable quantities) is beneficial for weight loss, but the wine diet has significant drawbacks! 

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