Breathing exercises for weight loss bodyflex

Bodyflex, according to the Creator of this technique, Greer Childers, can be used for effective weight loss and to improve health.

    Bodyflex – a set of exercises aimed at stretching, which is based on deep diaphragmatic breathing.

Exercises are aimed at weight loss in General, and to achieve results in certain problem areas of the body. In the development of exercises, the author of the technique relied on known poses yoga.

The Basis of bodyflex – deep diaphragmatic breathing, which, as the author of the technique promises, allows to eliminate the lack of oxygen in the tissues due to hyperventilation of the lungs (and oxygen is necessary including for burning fat), and the consequence of this will be the recovery of the body and easy parting with extra pounds without low-calorie diets, activation of immune processes, rejuvenation. After the 1st lesson you will notice the rise of vital energy.

The Type of breathing used in Bodyflex has much in common with breathing by the methods of Buteyko and Strelnikova, which are aimed primarily at improving the body.

Exercises in the Flex run and holding the breath after full exhalation.

This breathing helps to activate the metabolic processes in the cells, fat burning is more intense. And these processes begin earlier than with aerobic exercises and continue for some time after exercise.
Therefore, you can do only 15-20 minutes a day. And the results are impressive: only through training you can lose 5 kg in 2 weeks and reduce 3-5 cm in volume per month.

If you are concerned about individual problem areas (hips, abdomen, legs) – Bodyflex for you. You can select additional exercises for problem areas of the body. Exercises for the muscles of the face and neck are also offered.
Regular bodyflex classes will make the body fit as well tightened and the skin is.

Many choose bodyflex for weight loss only because, as the author claims, doing, you can lose weight without changing your diet, do not need calorie diet.
But do not build illusions, if you are used to eating a lot of sweet and fatty, if the caloric content of your diet is much greater than the daily energy consumption, it is unlikely to expect to achieve the ideal figure without changing the diet. But in any case, Bodyflex will be another factor for weight loss.
If you have always watched your weight and nutrition, but with age began to gain weight, as slowed metabolism, Bodyflex can help to lose weight without changes in nutrition.

It is possible to be Engaged in special groups, at home and even at work (there is also a complex of exercises for office). Greer Childers has published many books and video courses, which describes in detail and shows breathing techniques and exercise complexes.

Since there are neither too much anaerobic loads nor loads on the joints, Bodyflex can be practiced by almost everyone, including young mothers who although wanting to get back to the prenatal figure.

Bodyflex is Contraindicated in pregnant women, in the postoperative period, with exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases. If you have a cardiovascular disease, consult your doctor before you start your classes.

Do Not think that Bodyflex – classes for the lazy to achieve success will have to deal with regularly, consciously performing each exercise that may not have to like fans dance or aerobics.

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