Breathing exercises by Strelnikova

a Characteristic feature and important prerogative of the respiratory gymnastics of Strelnikova is the forced inhalation used, in which the most powerful respiratory muscle – the diaphragm-is involved in the work.

This complex is a kind of respiratory gymnastics, home of short, jerky, loud breath in through your nose, the optimal frequency of which roughly three breath for two seconds, followed by a completely passive exhale through the mouth or nose. With the breath at the same time you are driving, which cause tightening of the chest.

The Main requirements defined by A. N. Strelnikov breathing gymnastics classes are as follows:

  1. you need to Think only about the breath!
  2. Train exclusively breaths!
  3. Count exclusively breaths!

Short sonorous breaths should be accompanied at the same time movements that compress the chest. These exercises significantly improve nose breathing, and activates the diaphragm.

Performing breathing exercises by Strelnikova you can "kill two birds with one stone": to provide the external development of many parts of the body and to promote the internal "cleansing" of the whole organism, is a massage to the internal organs.

All exercises are universal: they can be done both sitting and standing, and in some cases even lying down. It is designed for the age category of three years and far beyond 80.

The Complex of breathing exercises of A. N. Strelnikova consists of 12 exercises with characteristic names: Palms, shoulder Straps, Pump, Cat, Hug shoulders, Large pendulum, head Turns, Ears, Small pendulum, Rolls, Front step, Back step.

The quality of the breath should be appropriate strelnikovoj the gym is noisy, harsh, short, active, injection, or shot. For the correct development of breaths, you can perform the following exercise: clap your hands four times, and at the same time with cotton sonorous, in full power sniffle, producing short active breaths.

Important tips when doing exercises

  1. For each lesson you need to spend about 30 minutes, you need to try to meet this time.
  2. All the exercises you need to perform on 32 inspiratory movement, after which you can relax 3-10 seconds.
  3. Each lesson requires the whole set of exercises, not parts. Classes are better in the morning for half an hour and in the evening – half an hour.
  4. in the absence of sufficient time to complete the whole complex by one of "the thirty" of exercises: start with Handprints and finish Steps. This usually takes about 6 minutes.
  5. in Order not to lose during exercise should be considered only "eights" and after each of them to postpone the match, for example. If there is a failure – you can rest for three seconds after each exercise-inhale.
  6. To feel the Wellness the effect of training should be carried out twice a day for a month.
  7. Strelnikov Itself advises not to interrupt the class with breathing exercises never, doing, once a day for at least a quarter of an hour.

Exceptional breathing exercises Strelnikova has positive reviews in 92 cases out of a hundred, and the first who helped the breathing exercises, was the daughter of the discoverer of the method of Alexandra Severoni – A. N. Strelnikova, which often was sick in early life. Since then, as the breathing exercises helped to relieve a heart attack, she did gymnastics regularly.

Lessons the right breathing taking have Strelnikova many celebrities: singers and actors. The patent for the invention of a set of exercises was obtained in 1972, and since then this kind of breathing exercises has helped many to get rid of various ailments.

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