Breakfast for a flat stomach

Breakfast for a flat stomachthe waist Area is the most problematic area of the female body, to achieve a perfectly flat stomach almost impossible, and not necessary. Normal from a physiological point of view is considered to be the fat layer in 2 cm., besides, it is here that the female sex hormone – estrogen accumulates, which is designed in the future to mitigate the manifestations of menopause. The fat layer supports the tone of the abdominal wall muscles, does not allow to bulge too much internal bodies.

If you want to get a tight flat tummy and a beautiful relief, you need, first of all, to know the measure, not to resort to fasting, and rationally combine a special diet and exercise. About what is to belly was beautiful, we will tell in our article.

Basic principles of nutrition

Protruding tummy is often found in women who are overweight, in this case, you need a comprehensive weight loss program, if the fat is deposited only in the waist area, you will have to revise the diet. The first thing you should give up – foods high in simple carbohydrates. These include a variety of sweets, pastries, ready-made juices in boxes, dried fruits. Worth it also reduce the amount and quality of fats in your daily menu, for example, prefer a piece of fish to a butter sandwich.

As mentioned above, the stomach is the "storage" of estrogen. Exclude products that provoke the production of this hormone, especially alcohol.

Excessive gas formation, bloating in the intestines leads to protrusion of the tummy. Try to avoid products that provoke such processes, try to completely abandon carbonated drinks, chewing caramel and marmalade, be careful with beans, cabbage, artichoke, grapes, figs and other sweet fruits. The intestine should be cleaned qualitatively, it is best to cope with this vegetable fiber contained in bakery products from coarse flour, bran, apples.
It is useful to eat foods high in iodine, such as fish, eggs, milk and fermented milk.

What and as there is

Let's Start with the fact that the food should be fractional, small portions 5-6 times a day. Strictly prohibited snacks before bedtime, but Breakfast becomes a fundamental meal. The main components are protein foods, dishes saturated with omega 3 and omega 6 acids, celluloses.

Sample menu

For Breakfast you can eat low-fat yogurt and any fruit or boiled egg with a slice of grain bread. Also suitable for Breakfast oatmeal or muesli, most importantly, cook them on skim milk. At lunch, you must eat a protein product: boiled or baked chicken, steamed fish, salads with tofu or goat cheese. Dinner should be as light as possible. Its composition may also comprise lean meat with vegetable garnish: tomatoes, pepper, green onions, watercress.

Rice or rice noodles can be cooked or steamed. Do not forget about the mandatory snacks, otherwise there is a risk to break and eat at night. 2 mandatory meals during breaks: second Breakfast and afternoon tea. In the first half of the day you can afford a bit of nuts or dried fruits, bread, bran or whole wheat bread with honey. At noon it is preferable to eat something sour-milk, low-fat cheese or salad.

Don't forget about drinking diet like any diet is necessary at least 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water, also afford a Cup of green tea.

Don't forget, that diet only will help reduce fat layer on his stomach, for strengthen muscle inflammation will require complex exercise. We also recommend you to see the article about how to remove open.

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