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According to statistics, only half of the people who have decided to stick to the diet manage to stay on it. But do not take it tragically.

Food preferences of the person are very inert. Any change to cause subconscious desire to return to the original way of life. Therefore, the failure of a rigid diet is a natural reaction to violence. Draw conclusions to follow the plan, becoming even stronger.

Possibility that you will eat something forbidden you must constantly keep in mind.

Disruption during diets can provoke the next factors:

  • holiday feast or party, especially in a restaurant;
  • emotional States: bad mood, boredom, irritation, etc.;
  • lifestyle changes: trip, vacation, arrival of guests, etc.;
  • no support surrounding.

The Occurrence of these factors and their impact can usually be foreseen. Before a party or dinner in the restaurant, you can have a snack, so that the feeling of hunger does not increase the temptation. Before starting a diet, find the appropriate "support group". Perhaps it will be close or familiar. Sometimes you can find support among friends on the Internet communication.

To reduce the psychological stress from diet plan for yourself "weekend." Believe me, it is the sweetest of all the forbidden fruit. If it ceases to be a "taboo", then its sweetness is significantly reduced. Knowing that you can afford to eat something forbidden, to refrain from this is much easier. In addition, even if you eat something extra, it will be considered psychologically not as a breakdown, but only as a planned "temporary retreat". Of course, such a retreat should be reasonable. It's about allowing yourself to enjoy a little of your favorite dish, and not to indulge in gluttony all day. (More: why do I need a boot day)

In addition, any derogation is only valid at moderate diets. Organism, stress survivor due to the drastic reduction in the number of the incoming nutrients, every extra calorie will turn into fat. Thus, it proves the expediency of moderate restrictions, not harsh low-calorie diets.

What to do if you fell from the diet?

If still broke, you should not dramatize. Even if ruthlessly scales show a weight gain of, this means nothing. To gain one kilogram of fat, you need to eat, for example, 3 large pizza or drink 11 bottles of wine. It's unlikely that You can handle it. Most likely, some of the food has not been processed yet. In addition, excess weight may occur due to water retention.

After foiling an attempt to compensate for overeating "hungry days". It is best to choose low-fat protein foods, light soup and vegetable salads.
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In principle, it is best to assign yourself realistic goals so ambitious agenda, not scared. One step back is not a retreat.

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