Bran for weight loss, reviews, than useful bran with kefir?

Bran, a by-product of wheat milling, has been included in the diet of humans relatively recently. Accordingly, many people still have some prejudice against them. Why did we start to eat the product used earlier for animal feed?

Than useful bran

First of all, bran useful, rich in essential for proper functioning of the intestines fiber. These fibers are not processed, but are used as an adsorbent. Thus, the possibility of constipation. Thanks to fiber – bile acids are bound in the intestine, providing a reduction in the amount of cholesterol. In addition, these acids have carcinogenic activity.

Besides, otruba contain a complex necessary for our body vitamins. First of all, we are talking about vitamins belonging to group B. They protect the nervous system, reduce fatigue. In bran found carotene, as well as vitamins E, PP. They are indispensable as a source of various minerals, trace elements. Should be called at least magnesium, potassium, zinc, chromium, selenium, copper, many others.

The Advantages of bran as a food product are beyond doubt. Find out who should Supplement the diet, and to whom they are contraindicated. First of all, as a means of prevention of many diseases, they can be recommended to all without exception, as they provide improved bowel function, cleaning it from toxins. We have already mentioned above cholesterol normalization contained in bloods.

Supplement diet bran helps suppress appetite, reduce body weight, which favorably affects the General condition of the body. Thanks to this unusual for us while the product significantly improves immunity.

Due to bran, a significant normalization of the digestive tract. They are useful in atony, intestinal dyskinesia, biliary tract. With their regular use, contribute to the removal of salts of lead, mercury, cadmium from the body.

Better than any other product, all-bran provide a normalization of blood sugar. They help also lower blood pressure.


Truly, bran is a wonderful product. It is only necessary to remember some limitations. It is better to refrain from the use of bran in the period:

  • exacerbations gastritis,
  • kolitov,
  • peptic ulcer
  • enteritis, with the infectious nature.

As inflammation decreases, bran is again introduced into the diet, but gradually.

Bran for weight loss

Safe, effective product for weight loss. Low-calorie, containing large amounts of fiber, which is swollen, filling stomach.

Those who want to lose weight with bran, you can use them for Breakfast.

And in the evening or at night a glass of yogurt or yogurt with bran will be a great alternative dense dinner without forcing, at the same time, to suffer from hunger.

Bran available as crackers, Breakfast cereals or even with a variety of flavors. In short, for every taste.

To delicacies bran accounted difficult. But a special revulsion they evoke. Therefore, in many cases, their use can even be an alternative to medications or exhausting diets for weight loss.

The Fasting day on yogurt and bran

Unloading on bran, kefir is useful for cleansing the body, spur the process of weight loss.

On the Eve of the fasting day at night, eat 3 tablespoons of bran, drink 2-3 glasses of water (you can not immediately drink 2-3 glasses, it is better to drink 1 glass for an hour or two to drink 2 more glasses of water).

Fasting day Menu:

3 times a day eat 2 tablespoons of bran with a glass of water;
throughout the day – drink 1.5 liters of kefir .

Unloading it is better to plan on a weekend, because of yogurt and bran the intestines will work more actively, it is likely you will often run to the toilet. To carry out such a fasting day can be no more than once for 7-10 days.

Diet with bran

Dr. Dukan's Protein diet prescribes the use of oat bran.

Oat bran is rich in vitamins B2, F, but they have a coarser structure. The absorbing (and cleansing) effect of oat bran is higher. But it is better to start with wheat bran and move to oatmeal as you get used to the gastrointestinal tract.

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