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Bowel cleansing at homeCleaning the body is undoubtedly a useful Wellness procedure. After all, we often wash our body externally, forgetting that it needs inner purity too. We have one organism, how long it will serve us depends on ourselves.

Body Cleansing should be to start with bowel cleansing. It is this body that is subjected to a constant, daily load. But if desired, the right approach can help him it is better to perform their functions. Immediately make a reservation that bowel cleansing at home not a health panacea, this procedure should not be done often. Moreover, these methods can not be perceived as an independent method of weight loss.

It is Best to carry out "intestinal cleansing" no more than 1-2 times a year. The fact that the mechanical cleaning disturbed intestinal microflora, so it is recommended to take the course after the procedures bifidopreparations. Of course, do not abuse such manipulations. Frequent cleaning with an enema can be addictive, atrophying ability of natural emptying.

So let us proceed directly to tips how to colon cleanse yourself at home.

Bowel Cleansing. The first way – diet

This method of purification is the most simple, does not require special conditions of preparation. You just need to change your usual diet.

  • to Abandon on time from fat, flour, fried. Meat is better to replace does not fatty fish, sugar change honey.
  • eat More vegetables, fruits and various cereals.
  • Bread is desirable to use black from the bran flour.
  • don't forget about cabbage because it has a lot of fiber, useful for digestion.
  • During a cleansing diet should drink two liters per day of water without gas.
  • Well, the main thing is not to overeat. Remember the old saying: "with a Spoon and a fork we dig our own grave."
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If you sit on such cleansing diet at least two weeks, your body will clean itself from unnecessary "toxins" without harmful consequences for itself. The disadvantage of this method is its duration. And we with our Slavic mentality of the extremes I want everything at once. But that only happens in movies.

Cleaning the intestines at home with enemas

Method of bowel cleansing with an enema is very ancient. Even yogis in Ancient India cleaned themselves on the banks of the Ganges with a pumpkin and bamboo tube, thus inventing an enema. I am glad at least that we do not need to do this. Every pharmacy is freely available a set of Mug Esmarch. Everything can be done according to the instructions and at home. No need to experiment with different liquids. Use normal boiled water at room temperature.

Mug with 2 liters of water hung to a height of about 1.5 m. a Person lies on his left side and bends his legs under his stomach. The liquid is supplied from the mug through a rubber tube, a plastic tip to the anus. The tip should be lubricated with sunflower oil.

The more you will be able to absorb water and longer to keep her, the better to clean the intestines. The main thing is it's in the skill, the desire to be healthy.

Do Not perform more than 3-4 bowel cleansing procedures with enema for course. Repeat these courses every six months to avoid addiction.

How to put an enema, video:

The Third way to peel the intestines: pharmaceutical

More popularity in cleansing, dial various glad laxatives. As an alternative enema, perhaps, can be point to French drug fortrans. Doctors have often used it to clean the intestines before surgery and various medical studies.

This powder is diluted with the calculation: one pack per liter of water. For a person with a weight of 80 kg, two packages are enough. It is drunk in equal parts for one hour (one package). The results will not be long in coming. As the effect of a two liter enemas.

The Disadvantage of this method is the high cost of this drug, contraindications for some diseases and under the age of 12 years, as well as its unpleasant taste (sour-salty-sweet). Sometimes it is recommended to seize a slice of Mandarin each" approach" to the consumption of this drug. And motivate yourself with positive thoughts about health and benefits.

    Cannot be apply fortrans after serious feasts – so you can harm liver and kidneys, the process of "cleansing" will not cause you a lot of positive emotions, as diarrhea can last for several hours.

Perhaps this is all that we would like to say about the bowel cleanse at home. Which of these methods is more effective for you to decide, as each person has a unique personality. However, classical dietetics does not recommend healthy people for preventive cleansing to put enemas and drink fortrans, advising to do a low-calorie diet with a lot of fruits, vegetables and bran.

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