Bonn onion soup: eat and lose weight

"What it comes such a eat, to lose weight?"once, Yes, I thought about each girl, unhappy with their forms. And in response to only the hackneyed "there is less need to move more." Checkmate, dear opponents of lazy weight loss! There is such a super-soup, not to starve and lose weight!

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Bonn soup is very, very popular all over the world as a separate dish or a diet. Just the last and gives a truly fabulous results for 7-10 days removing 7-10 kg! You can not stick to it for more than 10 days in a row, and the courses of such weight loss can be carried out only four per year, but no one bothers, and even highly recommend, to fix the result outside the diet, just by including soup in your diet for dinner.

The good of the Bonn soup

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Is a vegetarian, so, and lean, first course, so on the verge of heat and at the end of the post it is the time in your menu! But the main thing, of course, is not this, but the fact that the recipe includes a large number of tasty and healthy vegetables a large amount of fiber, but not rough, and digested, so easily perceived by the body. And what is possible in any quantity!

Strict prescription Bonn soup does not exist. In Europe, it is added to the bell pepper and tomatoes, but do not put cabbage, and we have it – one of the main ingredients. In General, replace other low-calorie vegetables can be any component, except onions and celery.

And here lies the first pitfall: celery not everyone does. No matter how painted its blissful properties, and for Russia this vegetable is very unusual. Given that the root and stems, and greens have a very bright aroma, treat it neutral turns out not many. Most people either love celery, or hate it with all their heart, and the latter, unfortunately, more.

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But immediately sweeten the pill: the caloric content of Bonn soup, depending on the composition varies about 27 kcal!

Another important quality of the soup, which should be noted – it is a very powerful purifier of the whole body. It stimulates digestion and, unlike other low-calorie diets, accelerates metabolism, rather than slows it down. Provided that the body receives very few calories, the consumption immediately go internal reserves.

There is and awkward moment: because of stimulation of the intestine there is a fairly noticeable laxative effect, and this can not be ignored, sitting on a diet with onion Bonn soup. Most pharmaceutical preparations for losing weight are also based on a mild laxative, but unlike them, this diet involves the intake of large amounts of vitamins and minerals, so its performance does not suffer.

Sample recipe Bonn soup

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Composed only of vegetables, so you'll have to RAID a grocery store or market.

  • 1 cabbage (small);
  • 6 carrots;
  • 6 bulbs;
  • 2 bell peppers;
  • 1 bunch of parsley and dill;
  • 1 bunch of celery greens;
  • Bay leaf, dried paprika – to taste, salt is undesirable.

It is very easy to Prepare soup, and it is better to do it before eating or at least every day to preserve as many nutrients as possible.

  1. Wash, peel all vegetables.
  2. Cut everything into large cubes and add to the pot.
  3. Pour water and put on fire.
  4. After 20 minutes of boiling add Bay leaf and paprika, bring to a boil.
  5. Cut the greens, pour into the soup and bring to a boil again, turn off.

The dish is prepared quickly and easily, it takes just half an hour. You can eat it in any amount that you need for saturation, but remember, that it is better not to stretch the stomach. To do this, it is better to eat slowly, because only after 20 minutes comes a feeling of saturation.

Another trick: in every lunch there is a pause. The very moment when a person easily sighs, puts the devices, reaches for water or gets up. This is the body's signal that it has enough, just not reached the brain, and if you stop at this point, food will be enough.

Bonn onion soup is not easy a dish for a snack, and a diet or food system, so if you want to achieve maximum results in a short time, you should follow all its rules.

Basic principles of the Bonn soup diet

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First of all, it is worth noting that in this diet should not be used categorically. In the list there is nothing surprising, only the main enemies figures and metabolism: alcohol, flour, sweet, salted vegetables, smoked foods, fatty foods, carbonated drinks and store juices.

Basic rules adherence to diets

  1. Bonn Have soup whenever we want, in any quantity.
  2. Consume at least 1.5 liters of clean water daily.
  3. you Can drink unsweetened coffee, tea, herbal teas without milk.
  4. If weight goes away too fast, suspend the diet for a few days to avoid stress to the body.

This power system is capable of moving the weight even desperate fat people, but it is important not to overdo it with the timing so as not to hurt the body, and not to quit the diet abruptly, but to leave it on all the standard rules on PP. The output should last at least 21-30 days.

Sample menu of the food system with Bonn onion soup for 7 days

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It is not Necessary to adhere to this schedule thoroughly. The only thing that should be unshakable – compliance with the rules, and the diet of the days and can be changed.

Day 1

Onion soup and any fresh fruits, except bananas.

Day 2

Onion soup and raw vegetables, for dinner you can eat a couple of baked potatoes'.

Day 3

Onion soup, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Day 4

Bonn soup, 3 bananas and 1 liter of low-fat milk.

Day 5

Onion soup, 7 tomatoes, 1 boiled chicken.

Day 6

Soup, green vegetable salad, beef chop (150 g), plenty of water.

Day 7

Bonn soup, vegetable stew, a little boiled rice's.

If the diet is planned to stretch for 10 days, you can repeat or combine any days. The main thing is to adhere to – to prevent hunger, so as not to Deplete the body and not to bring yourself to a breakdown. Every time you want to eat – just eat the soup.

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