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Bodyflex with Marina Korpan has become an independent brand in just a few years. Marina – a thoughtful person and a certified instructor – was able to turn to the basics of breathing practice, and to Refine the technique of Greer Childers to perfection.

It's No secret that - step breathing bodyflex (Bodyflex) is nothing but a modified Uddiyana pranayama.

    In Hatha yoga this type of breathing it has been used for more than 2000 years, and allows practitioners to improve health and reduce the fat layer through internal massage and oxygen saturation of the blood.

Marina did not ignore yoga and its basic rules of breathing, and got over safe and effective weight loss.

What is the difference between bodyflex with Marina Korpan

The history of Greer and Marina something similar. Non-professionals who are interested in fitness solely for the purpose of their own weight loss, they were able to reach a new level and develop gymnastics, which helped millions. Unlike the American, Marina Korpan was plump since childhood and has come a very long way, including strict diets, eating disorders and exhausting hours of training. In the book "the body Flex. Breathe and lose weight" the story of the harmony of the coach is told in full, and if you are interested in this, it is better to read it in the first person.

Breathing exercises of Marina Korpan closer to pranayama yoga. First of all, you need to learn a few basic concepts:

  • Mula Bandha or root castle. This is called "retracting" the muscles of the perineum, anus, vagina. Many people did such exercises to recover after childbirth. In respiratory practices mula-Bandha allows you to stabilize the flow of energy, to avoid its loss and reduce the load on the pelvic and abdominal organs cavities.
  • Uddiyana Bandha or middle castle. It is the retraction of the abdomen, feeling as if the navel you want to press, for example, a tennis ball to the spine. Uddiyana – home "massage" of the stomach, intestines and liver, it helps purify the body and restores metabolism.
  • Jalandhara-Bandha or the throat lock. Bring the root of the tongue to the upper sky. Imagine that you want to swallow, and at the same time lower the chin on the chest, on the the distance of one of your palms from the sternum. Keep the glottis closed. This lock allows you to save the vocal cords, massages the thyroid gland, accelerates metabolic processes and doesn't allow air to "escape" from the lungs.

Breathing exercises of Marina Korpan

  • 1. Take the starting position, standing straight, feet shoulder width apart, knees soft. Expand the shoulders, make an exhalation through the mouth. Imagine how like, you blow out the candles on the cake or blow on the hot soup – pull your lips tube and exhale quite vigorously. At the same time, you should tighten the front abdominal wall to the spine. In the usual exhalation, we are used to "dissolve" the stomach, relax it. Here the technique of reverse diaphragmatic breathing of yoga is used – the stomach is drawn in on the exhalation.
  • 2. Exhaling, make a short pause, and do a noisy sharp breath in the nose "in the stomach." Inflate the front the abdominal wall is like a ball, you can even imagine how the air gets directly into the stomach, not just into the lungs. Marina herself calls this movement "the effect of a sinking person", and in Hatha yoga they teach at the same time how to "inflate" the lower ribs from the back to relieve unnecessary tension from the spine.
  • 3. This is followed by a well-known bodyflex with Greer exhale "groin". Squeeze the lips, open them and push the air out of the lungs, the stomach should "fly" under the ribs itself, the head of the Marina throws her a little.
  • 4. The breath begins with the retraction of the mule-bandhs, pull-UPS Uddiyana-bandhs and closure jaladhara-bandhs. First pull up the crotch, pull in the belly, then lower the chin to the chest. And then it happens, "brand" retraction of the abdomen. Count to 8 or 10, holding your breath and not relaxing the "locks".
  • 5. Before you breathe, relax the "locks" and slightly push the front abdominal wall from the spine. Then lift your chin, open the glottis and allow air to enter your lungs. Marina advises to avoid squishing sounds when inhaling, because it can create an increased load on the heart. Don't forget to let go of the locks and repel the abdominal wall before you inhale.

Different Russian coach applies to nutrition for weight loss. If Greer advises to adhere to standard fitness diets with lots of vegetables, low-fat protein and complex carbohydrates, the Marina recommends generally to abandon restrictions on types of food. Eat what you used to eat, but with a "teaspoon" – eat slowly, stop overeating and live "under the threat" of another diet, and you will definitely lose weight. This approach will be good if you are disappointed in the diet for weight loss and tired of the monotonous diet.

Book Of Marina Korpan

In Marina Korpan's book "Bodyflex. Breathe and grow thin" for the first time presents the author's breathing technique.

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Doctors and physiologists have proved that the Korpan technique guarantees weight loss, giving a visible effect after 7 days.

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