Bodyflex and oxy. Which is better? Similarities and differences techniques.

Respiratory systems are becoming more and more popular. In figure-adjusting exercises, proper breathing is the key to success. It is known and it is used by representatives of a set of sports who are simply obliged to keep the form at height. What's better the Flex or occisis? Let's see.

Bodyflex and occisis combines them focus on the normalization of the figure. If you want a model appearance, none of them will help you. Only normalization.

Everything else is two completely different techniques that suit different people. And when choosing a suitable technique you should consider many aspects.


  • Exercises are held for 15 minutes a day and consist of 5 stages
  • Exercises are aimed primarily at burning fat from the thighs
  • When doing bodyflex need to exclude a lot of drugs
  • Classes are held exclusively on an empty stomach
  • manufacture of food products, contraindicated if you have a sick liver, heart and pregnancy


  • Exercises consist of 4 stages
  • Exercises aimed at burning fat in the abdomen
  • it does Not matter if you take medicines
  • Classes are held 2 hours after a meal
  • it is Recommended to use along with diets
  • Classes are suitable for more physically-prepared people

What is more effective, occisis or body Flex?

There is no Unambiguous answer to this question, because it depends only on the desire and capabilities of the person. The result is expected in the classroom and bodyflex and axisitp. The main thing – to observe the regime and not to miss classes.

When choosing exercise technique, the following factors should be mentioned:

  • Both techniques contribute to the normalization of gastrointestinal processes and the removal of toxins from the body
  • Both techniques will not have a positive effect if you have thyroid disease
  • Occisis often used in cases where the body Flex did not give the expected results. But this does not mean that bodyflex worse
  • Both techniques will have no effect if you are an athlete. At the core of the sports already involved in the respiratory technique, so that the separate manufacture of food products and axisitp don't make sense
  • The same goes for dancers
  • Both techniques are aimed at burning excess fat, so excessive thinness, there will not be. Only normalization
  • Basic principle bodyflex is the performance of exercises on inhalation followed by breath holding. In oxidize all the way around – first the exercise, then breath.

Oxy And bodyflex as ways to lose weight. Which is better?

Weight loss should be expected when doing any of the techniques. It is established that at observance of regime of exercises bodyflex and axisitp is possible to lose 4 sizes without too much stress on the body.

If to compare techniques on the basis of the time factor, then:

  • When doing axisitp the process of losing weight faster. But for oxycise need to be more prepared
  • bodyflex Classes are limited to 15 minutes per day, but can be increased later to 25.
  • Classes axisitp not limited by time. But overdoing it is not worth it
  • one exercise exisits spent 30-40 seconds
  • For one bodyflex exercise – 5-10 seconds

An Incomparable plus of both techniques is the fact that you don't need to go somewhere. Exercises are carried out at home and are not expensive. Of course, you can train in the gym with your coach, but it is possible to cope without him.

Also it is necessary to warn that the technique occisis not passed clinical studies and has representatives in our country. Only confirmed factor, which is decisive in this technique – the dependence of breathing exercises on the fat burning process. And if you take into account the fact that the exercises do not require any additional tools and medication, then occisis quite justified, as a technique to maintain the shape.

Which technique you choose – depends on you. But choose wisely.

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