Blue clay from cellulite – methods, rules of use of the drug

As you know, cellulite is a threat not only to beauty, but also to health. Most of this disease affects the skin of overweight women. However, skinny young women also suffer from this scourge. And not only women suffer from cellulite, some men also did not avoid this disease.
First of all, the appearance of "orange peel" in problem areas is associated with eating disorders, with the use of food, provoking the wrong functioning of subcutaneous fat cells. Imbalance in the structure of the dermis causes the appearance of cellulite. Such products are mayonnaise, smoked, fried food, soda, sweets. If you avoid eating them, you can reduce the risk of cellulite. This will be an additional tool in the fight against loose skin.

Fight the phenomenon of cellulite in different ways, but according to many, the best of them is the clay against cellulite. Her use in different variations. There are the following methods of using this natural mineral product:

  • wrapping clay from cellulite,
  • massage with clay,
  • masks using clay,
  • taking baths with clay.

Immediately the question arises about what kind of clay from cellulite best?

Blue clay from cellulite

Basically there is a big difference with what color clay do body wraps cellulite. But, according to people who used this technique in the fight against "orange peel", blue clay from cellulite – the best option. It is rich in minerals, has a pleasant to the touch consistency and is more accessible than the rest.

Many beauty salons offer such a service as a wrap of clay from cellulite. Of course, professional methods are more progressive and effective, but this procedure can be carried out at home.

Wraps cellulite clay

The Technique is:

  1. Blue clay against cellulite is diluted with water and stirred until smooth.
  2. you Can add a few drops of essential oil, such as citrus or rosemary, to the mixture.
  3. This mixture is evenly applied to the problem areas of the body and wrapped with food film.
  4. Then you can put on cotton underwear and, covered with a wool blanket, stand the time. Preferably 1 hour, but not less than 30 minutes.
  5. After the procedure, take a warm shower and wipe dry.

This procedure can be carried out no more than 2 times a week for three months. Then you should take a break. But usually used clay from cellulite (reviews say about it) helps to get rid of "orange peel" in problem areas for one course.

Clay from cellulite: reviews

Ground cinnamon or coffee, honey or cream can be a Great addition to the clay during the wrap or massage. Wrap the blue clay of cellulite – the procedure is simple and quite pleasant. No burning, no tingling, no tingling. There is only relaxation and light warmth.

Excellent effect brings wrapping clay from cellulite, reviews confirm this.

Black clay from cellulite

There are clays of different shades and colors, it all depends on the composition of the product. So the high content of iron paints the clay red. No less popular in the fight against skin defects are black and white clay from cellulite. But any of them should be clean, specially treated, so as not to cause inflammation.

For massage and wrap good black clay from cellulite in mixtures with ground sea salt, red pepper, oils, mustard, ground oatmeal, honey, avocado gruel. All these additional ingredients give a strengthening effect.

In addition, a distinctive feature, which has a black clay from cellulite (reviews say about it), is the effect of weight loss. This natural material not only normalizes the work of fat cells of the dermis, but also "burns" excess subcutaneous fat. The skin becomes dense, smooth and taut.

Of Course, it is not necessary to hope that after a couple of treatments, the cellulite will disappear. But after going through the whole course of wraps with clay, using a variety of additional methods and ingredients, choosing the right food and giving up bad habits, anyone will see a positive result in the end, namely the one to which he sought.

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