Blood type diet | Weight loss and health

The Author of the diet for blood group is the American doctor Peter D'adamo.
As a basis, he took human nutrition during the historical origin of each of the blood groups.

As a result, for each of the blood groups, lists of products useful or harmful to health, as well as contributing to the loss of excess weight were obtained. From the list of products that contribute to weight loss for your group, you can choose what you want.
The popularity of the diet it is also justified by the fact that: calories can not be considered, the amount of food can be any.

It is Argued that the effect of the diet in addition to losing weight and will improve the immune system, gastrointestinal tract, metabolism is activated. Also the result use of diets can be the disappearance of manifestations of Allergy.

1 blood type – "Hunter".

Have ancient people was only one group blood – the first, ate at this time, mostly meat.
Recommended: eat a lot of meat and fish, limit carbohydrates

2 blood type – "Farmer".

The Man has mastered agriculture, in the diet there are many plant foods. At this time there is a second blood group.
Recommended: eat plenty of plant food and fish, limit dairy and eliminate red meat.

3 blood type – "Nomad".

Important event: active migration and the domestication of animals, consumption of milk.
Recommended: meat, except chicken and pork, dairy products, vegetables and fruits.

4 blood type – "Mixed type".

The Fourth group appeared as a result of mixing of the second and third groups.
Recommended: limit red meat, ham and bacon, buckwheat, wheat and corn.

Slimming feature by blood group is not fast diet, the body needs time to reconfigure its work. But the extra pounds will go away forever.
Weight loss is achieved by metabolic improvements, the work of cleaning and excretory systems of the body

The nutritionists about diet according to blood group

Nutritionists against:

  • it is Not proven that the absorption of food by the body depends on the blood group.
  • a Limited diet may lead to a lack of certain vitamins and minerals.

For, so as:

  • the Diet involves eating mostly natural foods.
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