Black circles under the eyes: causes, treatment, medical advice

Black circles under the eyes: causes, treatment, medical advice

In humans, the skin has the largest thickness on the back, and in the eye area it is the thinnest ― no more than 0.3 mm. Eyes are surrounded by a loose subcutaneous layer with a dense network of small vessels. They, translucent, create the effect of dark spots. This cosmetic defect gives the appearance of pain.

Dark circles under the eyes ― causes

This cosmetic defect can be caused by various factors, but there are cases where it is a variant of the norm.

Black circles under the eyes: causes, treatment, medical advice

Black circles under eyes ― that this:

  1. Individual feature of the body. More often, dark spots under the eyes are found in people with swarthy and dry skin and are normal. They are usually present from childhood and have many family members. At the same time there are no diseases.
  2. the Result of a poor lifestyle. Chronic sleep deprivation, Smoking, abuse of alcohol, fatty foods and semi-finished products, daily hours of work at the computer ― these are the factors that have a negative impact on the whole body, and as a result, there are spots under the eyes.
  3. Sign of disease. If in childhood there were no dark circles, the diet is carefully composed and the duration of sleep is at least 8 hours, and black spots under the eyes appeared and do not disappear, then you should think about the problems with health.

Black circles under the eyes ― treatment

Black circles under the eyes: causes, treatment, medical advice

Before you begin treatment, you should investigate why the under eyes dark circles appeared. First, you should have a good rest and get rid of bad habits, high probability that the dark spots will disappear, the whole face will become lighter and the overall condition of the body will improve. If the defect persists, then find out why under eye dark circles, along with a doctor.

Possible causes:

  1. Anemia. This condition is characterized by a decrease in the level of hemoglobin, and the blood is not able to carry enough oxygen to the tissues. Therefore, in the thinnest areas of the skin and there is some cyanosis. Therapy in this case should consist of the correction of the diet and the use of iron-containing drugs.
  2. Disorders in the cardiovascular system. In this case, tissues and organs also experience oxygen starvation. Most often it is a chronic heart failure, which arose as a result of ischemia, arrhythmias, defects.
  3. Disorders of the respiratory system. Gas exchange disorder in this case may occur due to chronic obstruction, sarcoidosis, fibroporous of alveolitis, and tuberculosis.

ARI. In acute viral and especially bacterial infections, accompanied by a high temperature and a General violation of the state, dark circles under the eyes occur quite often. This is due to the intoxication of the body products of life and metabolism of microorganisms. As a result ― acidosis occurs, causing the expansion of the capillaries, so they become more noticeable in places where the skin is the thinnest. In this case, get rid of the black circles under the eyes can be antibacterial therapy.

Addison's Disease. With adrenal insufficiency, there is an increase in skin pigmentation in natural folds, around the eyes and in places of friction.

Inflammatory diseases of the eye ― iridocyclitis, conjunctivitis, etc. In this case, there is swelling of the tissues and expansion of the capillaries, so the shadows appear stronger.

For solutions to the problem do not use masking cosmetics. Efforts should be directed to identify the causes and their elimination. During therapy, you can speed up the result by wiping the skin with ice cubes and applying a natural nourishing cream designed for the area around the eyes.

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