Bite with continuous use: chips from fruits and vegetables

One of the main difficulties with weight loss is the eternal desire for something to chew on. Not because we're ruminants, no, it's just that food is a fight against stress, and a reward, and a cure for boredom, and a lot more. But why of all things for these snacks are high in calories?

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Snacks can be quite harmless, maybe even useful, if you treat them the right choice. Chips of fruits and vegetables, for example, is not potatoes in oil and with a bunch of flavor enhancers, but downright what you need to lose weight or slim body!

What is good about fruit and vegetable chips

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Yes all. This snack is good for everyone, and even the most picky person will not be able to find flaws in it. First, it takes a person, for example, watching a movie, giving him the usual comfort without extra calories. Secondly, all fresh fruits and vegetables have a lot of nutrients that are stored in the finished product. Third, this is true yummy!

Do Not confuse such chips with dried fruits, these are completely different things, if you do not take the molecular level. Dried apples, dried apricots, and so have quite a soft and elastic texture, it preserves a lot of moisture. Chips, in contrast, are dried completely, to crunch, which tastes very different, and the thrill of such a snack more.

Where to get fruit and vegetable chips for diet snacks

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If these snacks are so good, then why not in the nearest supermarket? The maximum that can be found in the average store is banana chips (the most popular, by the way, but quite high-calorie). If you want variety, you need to look for other ways out.

How to cook vegetable and fruit chips home

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No need to go far and look for a long point of sale. To prepare a tasty, diet and healthy snack, it's bad enough that there are houses and make the least effort.

Main – thread.

To get not a piece of dried something, and crispy thin chips, the meats need to focus on. The plates should be very thin and transparent, and the easiest way to do it is peeler, and even then – not too press.

Parchment, to not was frustration

Since no oil is used for useful chips, there is a possibility that they will try to stick to I'll do it when they dry it in the oven. Use parchment to not get upset because of the stuck and lost because of this chips, and then another and wash the pan.

With barrel on barrel

While the chips are drying, periodically look in the oven and turn them to dehydration occurred as evenly as possible. At home it is quite difficult to control, and the oven is not always evenly distribute heat, so it may happen that with one side of the plate will be dry or even burn, and on the other – soft. Flipping over will fix this problem.

Storage without loss of qualities

It is Unlikely you will cook one serving each time. Vegetable and fruit snacks are products of long storage therefore it is possible to prepare just for once them much, and after to indulge themselves with them when it is necessary to soul.

To prevent chips from losing their crunch, flavor and aroma, store them in a sealed container lockable container in a cool place.

Shop fruit and vegetable snacks

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You Can buy ready-made chips, if you have no time, desire or ability to Tinker with cutting and drying. They are sold in stores of healthy, sports or vegan food, and today they can easily be ordered on the Internet. In large stores with departments dietary or vegetarian food can be.

From what prepare vegetable and fruit chips

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Logically, of course, that of vegetables and fruits, but will not be allowed on this case, for example, cabbage or Mandarin? Bananas, apples, pumpkin, carrots, kiwi, beets, pears, strawberries – it can all be great tasty and healthy crispy chips. They can be both in pure form and with spices: cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon.

Sometimes unsweetened vegetable snacks are served with white sauce of yogurt, mustard, garlic and hot pepper.

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