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Berry dietBerry diet is not hungry and very tasty. The diet is recommended to observe 2 weeks. During this time, you can easily and tasty to part with 4 kg of excess weight.

But, in addition, you will cleanse the body of accumulated toxins over the winter, nourish it with vitamins, minerals. And get rid of many problems with health. The condition of the skin and the work of internal organs will improve.

Nutritionists and doctors recommend to use more fresh berries in the season maturations.

Berry diet

Based on the beneficial properties of fresh berries. If possible, during the day, eat different berries.

Berry diet, select those that are brewing right now: strawberries, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants, blueberries. Rowan, viburnum, cranberries and cranberries – these berries are also very useful, they can be mixed with sweeter.

Berry diet menu
• 300 grams of berries with 1 tablespoon low-fat sour cream,
• toast of grain bread with cheese or a portion of low-fat cottage cheese with sunflower seeds or egg,
• tea without sugar.

Second Breakfast:
• 10 large apricot.

• vegetable soup,
• salad of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs, seasoned with 1 tablespoon of olive or sunflower oil, add to the salad nettle, sorrel, dill, radish, onion, garlic feathers, everything at hand.
• 200 grams of boiled meat, fish or poultry, or seafood.

Afternoon Snack:
• berries or grated carrots, seasoned with 1-2 tablespoons of low-fat sour cream.

• Fruit and berry salad seasoned natural yogurt or kefir. For example, it can be a salad of: banana, Apple, a glass of strawberries, a glass of apricots.
• If the salad does not satisfy hunger, you can eat a Cup of porridge: rice or buckwheat.

Recommended during berry diet:
• drink green or herbal tea, rosehip tea, clean water,
• ripe apricots and bananas, they contain a lot of potassium, which is necessary for heart work.

Two option berry diet is: the strawberry diet cherry and diet.

Strawberry diet

This diet applies to fast diets and promises weight loss of 3 kg in 4 days. The advantages of the diet on strawberries include the fact that this berry is low in calories and has a slight laxative effect.
But it is strawberries that often cause allergies, therefore, the diet is not suitable for Allergy sufferers.

Every day it is allowed to eat about 1 kg of fresh strawberries, all berries should be divided into 4-5 receptions.

Sample menu strawberry diet
• Breakfast: strawberry, glass of kefir, green Apple,
• second Breakfast: strawberries,
• lunch: strawberries, 100 gr. boiled chicken, salad of fresh cucumbers, herbs, you can season with olive oil,
• afternoon snack: strawberries,
• dinner: strawberry, 100 gr. low-fat cottage cheese or a glass of kefir.

Cherry diet

Cherry diet can be observed for 2 weeks, during this time you can lose 4-5 kg.

During the diet, thanks to the ability of cherries to activate the liver and kidneys, rejuvenate and clean the body, improve skin condition. The use of cherries can help even with eczema, psoriasis.
Vitamin inosite, contained in cherries, promotes metabolism. Large number iron is useful in anemia.

During the diet every day are allowed to eat 1-1,5 kg of cherries.

Sample menu chereshneviy diet:
• Breakfast: 400 gr. cherries,
• second Breakfast: a glass of kefir,
• lunch: 250 gr. cherries, a portion of lean meat or boiled fish,
• afternoon snack: 200 gr. cherries,
• dinner: 200 gr. cherries, salad of cucumbers and greens, seasoned with olive oil,
• before bed: glass kefir's.

Is Prohibited in any of the variants of the diet: potatoes and all flour, refined sugar in any form, smoked meats, roast and alcohol.
Salt is allowed minimum.

On any diet is not superfluous move more, walk, swim. More often to be outdoors and in the sun.

Enhance the rejuvenating effect of diet – berry mask on the face. For example, from the pulp of the cherries and strawberries are preparing for a wonderful mask for the face.

Contraindications to berry diets: allergic to certain berries.
Caution should approach berry diet people suffering from peptic ulcer, or gastritis.

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