Beriberi: symptoms, prevention, diet, treatment. What to eat with beriberi.

Spring vitamin deficiency is a very common phenomenon! Adults and children suffer equally after a prolonged winter "starvation" associated with a lack of sunlight and a certain monotony in the diet. How to recognize and then quickly cure beriberi – read our article!

Beriberi – symptoms

Symptoms in each case may differ – this is due to the fact that the body is lacking in a particular vitamin responsible for a particular function. More frequently observed polivitamin – lack of a number of necessary substances. You can read more about it here.

How to win a spring avitaminosis?

In a whole, is worth think about treatment, if:

  • skin flakes
  • having problems with nails and/or hair
  • eye drops, watery eyes
  • there are problems with the oral cavity – bleeding gums, ulcers, plaque
  • appear swelling
  • weak muscles
  • attention dissipates
  • strays process digestion
  • more mood

Found more than two symptoms? Do not try to get upset – this case can be quickly and effectively corrected, and we will certainly tell you how!

How to win a spring avitaminosis?

Treat avitaminosis: nutrition and physical activity

Recovery in this issue largely depends on the diet. It is quite easy to stick to it – with avitaminosis you can and should eat a variety of products!
First of all, it is a mass of delicious salads, which probably had to be neglected during the winter period. Now it is important to put them in the basis of the diet. In addition to the ease of preparation, you will get at least one more plus – missed the abundance of vegetables the body quite differently feel the flavors. Treat yourself, having prepared anything on new recipe.

The Second key point: the constant use of multivitamin complexes (they can be found in the pharmacy) and vitamin cocktails. The latter are very easy to prepare at home, what you can read here. After such a shock portion of the most useful substances the body must be reborn! Believe me, the formula: "vitamin deficiency = nutrition" is correct.

And another important thing: walking in the fresh air. In the spring of the body particularly needs the sun and the abundance of oxygen. Even if the weather seems unpleasant – walk for at least half an hour, the result will be amazing!

Prevention of vitamin deficiency is the key to health and good feeling!

How to win a spring avitaminosis?

We All know that it is easier to prevent a disease than to treat it. First of all, it is important to understand that in preventive procedures there is nothing complicated: every year our body is forced to adjust to certain cycles, and the main task is to help him in this. Unfortunately, the cycle "autumn-winter", and then "winter-spring" is often associated with stress, loss of strength, mood changes – in itself it is not too it inspires me to take a close look at my health.

That is a vitamin deficiency, lack of essential vitamins and minerals in the spring can cause lethargy, from which to get sometimes very difficult. Do not allow yourself to enter into a vicious circle of moping: watch the composition of the food (what depends on vitamin deficiency – food) , take vitamin complexes, play sports, and there will be forces to deal with urgent matters. See: cheerfulness the body will certainly entail the cheerfulness of the spirit! Be healthy!

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