Benefits of kefir for the body:? how useful yogurt at night, calorie, harm

The benefits of kefir for the bodyAbout the beneficial properties of yogurt not written one book. Even serious scientists devoted their dissertations to this drink. By the way, some of them believe that it is in the regular use of dairy products lies the secret of longevity highlanders. And kefir is included in the list of "the Most useful products in the world", which in his time were spreading the FDA of the United States. By the way, in the States to find a decent yogurt – a big problem. Well, we are with you exclusively lucked. Local dairy products can be purchased at any store.


What is the use of yogurt for the body
What kind of yogurt is more useful
low-Fat kefir
When it is useful to drink kefir
Kefir on night

Than useful kefir for the body

Let's see, what is the use of kefir for the human body? First of all, the useful properties of kefir are due to the content of lactometer-prebiotics. Beneficial bacteria live in our intestines and help us digest fiber-rich foods. It is from the state of the intestinal microflora that the quality of digestion often depends. Some physiologists seriously believe that the "stronger" flora, the better the human immune system. So the prevention of influenza it is possible to be engaged not only with fashionable sweet yogurt, but also with a glass of usual kefir. Benefit from it lacticolor absorbed more efficiently.

  • Doctors recommend kefir for diseases of the liver, pancreas, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, obesity.
  • Kefir – a versatile product to regulate the speed of digestion. Fresh kefir weakens, but the "old" – older than 3 days – on the contrary, strengthens.
  • And the kefir has light diuretic properties, so it is recommended to anyone who has problems with edema and even high blood pressure.
  • This fermented milk drink goes well with all grains and flour products.
  • And it allows our body to get complete protein. If you want to get more protein, look for kefir with minimal fat content, and consume about half a liter of day.

What kind of yogurt is more useful

The Answer to the question, "which kefir is more useful?" quite simple. Nutritionist RV Moysenko writes that you should buy only dairy products, shelf life of which is not more than one week. Usually these requirements are met by kefir of local production, from dairies, which are nearby.

Well, if you bought a "long lasting" yogurt, better...fermenting them in milk. Adding 200 ml of this product in 1 liter of plain milk and leaving the pan overnight in the kitchen, you get a fresh rich prebiotic yogurt for Breakfast. But the long-term storage of kefir can contain not only lacticolor, but the thickeners based on starch, and, therefore, cannot be considered as an ideal healthy product.

Low-Fat kefir

The Use of low-fat kefir is often denied. On this subject they say that separated milk contains less protein, and the fat-free kefir is often homogenized. Simply put, to give the drink a more or less thick consistency, starch, agar or other thickeners are added to it.

In fact, low fat yogurt, more reminiscent in appearance of the serum is very liquid or kefir contains the same lactometer and protein, just less fat and calories. If your diet contains red meat, butter, nuts, vegetable butter and cheese, as well as egg yolks "bother" on fat kefir does not make sense – and so you get enough fat for health. A fat-free product is very convenient to use for the preparation of cold summer soups or "pouring" cereals and cereals.

When it is useful to drink kefir

If you seek to improve intestinal flora, the answer to the question "when to drink kefir" should be unambiguous. Drink when your stomach as empty as possible. And use the product with a minimum of additives.

If you just eat kefir for fun, it has a place in the morning and in the afternoon, and even in the evening menu.

Kefir on night

Kefir on night useful also, as and in any other time. Also drunk on the night of the yogurt improves intestinal flora and strengthens the dream. The milk proteins it contains are rich in amino acids tryptophan is a key product for quality and restful sleep.

If you lose weight or just maintain your weight, a glass of kefir will help to kill your appetite in the most difficult evening.

Perhaps, we should not abuse the yogurt for the night only to those people who have very rapidly excreted liquid. Or you should drink a Cup of kefir 2 hours before your intended sleep.

Use fasting day on kefir

Fasting days on kefir, contrary to everyone's opinion, are more useful not for weight loss, but for accelerating digestion. Due to the above reasons, kefir normalizes the work GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT.

But for those who have problems with overeating, kefir days, most often, are too "hard", and provoke increased appetite the next day. To avoid this, after unloading on kefir, you should have Breakfast with a dish that is rich in animal fats and protein. Are ideal for this purpose ordinary chicken or quail eggs.


Special harm from drinking quality kefir not will. However, some people are "at odds" with artificially introduced from the outside microflora and can suffer upset stomach after drinking this drink.

In addition, the outstanding low-quality yogurt you can truly poison. Do not leave the bags in the heat for more than 1-2 hours, do not "heat" kefir on the battery and follow the expiration date and everything will be fine.

  • Kefir is contraindicated in children under one year, due to the fact that they have not formed microflora for its assimilation.
  • you should Not drink it for those who do not lactose intolerant. However, today you can find lactose-free milk and ferment it yourself at home to get a drink similar to kefir.
  • Old yogurt impossible to drink for people with high acidity of gastric juice and heartburn.

Nutritionists strongly recommend to use dairy products. And which one is the most useful?

    To the question "What is healthier kefir or fermented baked milk" is unambiguous the answer is no. Both products are prebiotics, but in ryazhenka thermized milk is used. So you should choose based on taste preferences.

For example, ryazhenka tastes less sour and many people note that the feeling of satiety lasts longer after it.

Milk for cooking milk for a long time "languishing," so it does not remain extraneous bacteria, and then zakachivaetsja good for health of our organism thermophilic Streptococcus and acidophilus.

  • Unambiguous answer to the question whether kefir is more useful or yogurt also not. Both products are good, however, when it comes to natural yogurt with bifidobacteria, and not a sweet imitation with starch and fruit flavors.
  • Well, useful yogurt or kefir decides each depending on the individual characteristics of digestion. Sometimes sour milk is too acidic and can cause heartburn.
  • And finally, considering what is healthier kefir or milk, we can say that traditionally fermented milk is better absorbed in adults, but fresh – in children.

The Calorie content of yogurt, 100 g:

  • Kefir 1% – 40 kcal
  • Kefir 2.5% – 50 kcal
  • Kefir 3.2% – 56 kcal

The Calorie content of yogurt 1%:

  • glass 250 ml – 100 kcal;
  • glass 200 ml – 80 kcal.

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