Belly fat does not go away: comprehensively solve the problem

A Small amount of belly fat is normal because it protects the internal organs from mechanical damage. However, its excess makes the figure ugly and can cause the development of dangerous diseases.

To get rid of excess fat, girls play sports and limit themselves in nutrition, but this does not always bring the desired result. What to do in this case?

Spend more time cardio

"Iron" in the gym is good. But strength exercises should always be combined with cardio-loads (running, jumping rope, Cycling, etc.), as they are help to get rid of fat.

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It is Worth remembering that the body parts with fat reluctantly and first consumes glycogen. It usually lasts for the first 30 minutes and only then starts the fat burning. Therefore, cardio should be given at least 40 minutes.

Note! ☝ What should be the pulse for successful fat burning? For each person this the value is individual, but it can be calculate according to the formula

Don't be nervous

It Turns out, stress can reverberate on our figure. When we are nervous in the body, the hormone cortisol is released, which increases the craving for fatty and high-calorie food, and also causes the body to strenuously store fat in the abdomen.

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In Addition, the effectiveness of physical activity decreases against the background of stress. To regain a harmonious psycho-emotional state, try a variety of breathing techniques and exercises-antistress ?.

Maintain water balance

Proved that the breakdown of one molecule of fat requires four molecules of water. It turns out that the lack of fluid in the body fat burning process slows down.

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Therefore, always observe the daily rate of fluid intake, which is individual for each person and is calculated according to the following principle: 35 ml per kg of weight. For example, if you weigh 60 kg, you need to drink 2.1 liters of water daily. With intensive physical activity, the rate of water consumption should be increased by 10%.

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Can't get rid of the belly, which is treacherously peeking out of jeans and spoils the figure? Don't worry! These tips will help you get rid of excess fat.

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