Belly dance for weight loss and beautiful figure, reviews

Belly dance for weight lossBelly Dance came to us from the Middle East. Egyptian and Arab women have long performed it. Sensual dance movements symbolize femininity, but its main purpose is not to seduce. In Eastern cultures, soft rounded movements accompany a person from birth to death. There are special dances in honor of the firstborn, and in the name of healing from disease, wedding and for wires in the latest path. However today belly dance for weight loss we are more interested in the social and cultural aspects of this ancient art. So, supporters of dance as a way of weight loss argue that you can get rid of all the excess, just by attending classes and moving at home to beautiful Oriental music. Is that so?

Belly Dance: is it possible to lose weight?

Dance moves and steps – moderate intensity cardio. While we are swaying our hips and making belly bumps, learning arabesques and graceful movements of the hands, the heartbeat quickens, and the body with a vengeance begins to burn calories.

  • you can burn up to 450 kcal For an hour of training in the fitness club or under the video, and for an hour of public speaking – about 600 kcal.

Thus, if you practice 3-4 hours a week, you will be able to get rid of 1600 kcal. However, all this sounds like a fairy tale, if you have ever seen these Arab and Egyptian dancers. Many of them are graceful and beautiful, but these women are not thin . How to explain this phenomenon and whether it is possible to lose weight with the help of belly dance? It's simple – in the Eastern countries valued is such a physique, and weight loss is necessary in addition to belly dance stick low-calorie diet. If you eat moderately, and do not abuse sweets, fatty and fried foods, you will be able to reduce weight with this workout.

Belly Dance and figure

Belly Dance helps to form beautiful feminine shape. Pendulums, eights, rocking hips – all these movements actively involve oblique abdominal muscles, rectus abdominis muscle, lumbar muscles. Hand movements help strengthen the triceps and shoulder, and get rid of sagging. Many steps are performed on slightly bent knees legs, and this is a great load on the quadriceps and large gluteal muscles. With the help of Oriental dance you do not "pump" – training is based on repetitive movements that give the muscles tone, but do not contribute to the increase in their volume. That is why those girls who dream of "sculpt" rounded buttocks, should additionally engage in strength exercises.

You probably noticed that the belly of professional dancers is a little rounded, even if it does not have fat deposits. This is due to the mechanics of movements. If you prefer "six-pack" on the press, you should additionally perform twisting on press, body lifts and other exercises for this area.

Belly Dance for weight loss: where and to

The Fashion for belly dance literally swept our country. Many schools and fitness clubs, private lessons at home and fitness videos – what to choose for your own classes? First of all, you should ask yourself the question: "Do I really want to dance this dance?" and get an honest answer to it. Sometimes character and temperament are a real hindrance in the process of success. Sometimes, training seems boring, and the dance moves are too slow. And some people just aren't happy music that dance bellidans. In any case, if you doubt not in your abilities, and the desire to dance this dance, is to look for a different kind of workout.

To dancing belly helped to lose weight, is important system, the absence of absenteeism. And to achieve this result, you can only sincerely enjoying the lessons. If you just want to lose weight and adjust the figure, it is better to engage in a fitness club or with a fitness instructor. At school dances has the sense to go, if you want it to act and dance and not just move and improve your figure.

A Lot of people say that home training under video is a worthy alternative to dance school. However, "remote" is quite difficult to master the technique of many movements, and learn how to make dance ligaments. If you decide to study at home on your own, it makes sense to buy a few discs with learning techniques, and a few videos with master classes of famous dancers. In addition, it is not superfluous to listen to music, under which you will train in your free time. This will help to feel better the color of the dance. Well, weight loss with such a load occurs "in between". This is the main idea: "Reduce weight, enjoying the process, not torturing yourself and your body."

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