Belgian diet for different body types | For weight loss and health

Belgian nutritionists have developed a new diet, highlighting among the female physique three main types. For each of them is a program that allows you to comfortably get rid of excess weight.

It is summer, and you have – those extra pounds? Or trendy dress, primereniya the other day in the boutique, too tight, not adding to the attractiveness of the figure? Urgently to flee on liposuction? Or help acupuncture and manual therapy? Maybe. be, sessions hypnosis? No – it's time to think about a diet! The more that Belgian nutritionists with three type physique have women, present us a fashion novelty.
We say goodbye to kilograms on the Belgian diet

  • Ladies of the first type have soft shapes that make them look like antique statues. Thin soft skin, smooth curves, what else can a woman dream of? But with such a physique and there is a problem of cellulite, as all fat deposits are formed on the hips and buttocks.
  • it would Seem that girls slight build with narrow hips are spared from this scourge, but they are not without trouble – the extra pounds appear in the abdomen.
  • Complete this classification chunky representatives of the fair sex, the figure of which say "downed".
  • What is the meaning of this division? It depends on the type of physique program that helps to systematize nutrition. It is designed for three days, for which "go" to one and a half kilograms. If necessary, it can be repeated, as for each type of nutritionists have tried to make the food not only useful, but also tasty and varied.

    "Antique" ladies have high level estrogen, so the three-day diet for them includes a large number of fresh vegetables, citrus juices, cheese and olive oil. The menu also includes grain bread, low-fat cottage cheese, vegetable broth, stewed vegetables and a mixture of spices, which is recommended to use all three days. To prepare it, you will need a blender in which you need to mix one bunch of parsley and Basil, thirty grams of Parmesan cheese, three garlic cloves, three tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and two – balsamic vinegar.

    Fragile, "elves", on the contrary lack of hormones estrogen, so diet for them is somewhat different: granola, walnuts, brown rice, dried fruit – every day. Tomato, canned corn and onion salads dressed with olive oil, soy yogurts and tofu cheese, avocado, sweet pepper, stewed with garlic and ground beef.

    And finally, "Amazon", where there is an overabundance of male hormones. They are recommended black bread and low-fat Turkey fillet, salads of grated raw carrots, boiled beets and lettuce, boiled chicken fillet with rice, spaghetti with vegetable sauce.

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