Beer: benefits, harms, effects on the female body and weight loss

Beer for women: harm and benefitEach of us remembers commercials advertising beer and presenting this drink in the most attractive form, containing live malt, bread flavor and many other useful and magical qualities. How much is actually harmful and useful beer and what role it plays for organism women?

Does beer Contain hormones?

Before talking about the impact of beer on a woman's body, it is necessary to apply to the composition of the drink. The hop cones contain phytoestrogens, which give a bitter taste and their qualities are close to the human hormone – estrogen. This hormone is a female body in the normal state produces independently. Drinking beer, a woman supplies her body with additional doses of estrogen.

Given that the mechanism of the female body is much more complicated than the male, due to changes in the hormonal background, a significant increase in the number of phytoestrogens can lead to negative consequences. Consumption of beer in moderate quantities may well have a beneficial effect.

Harm from beer

What is the harm can inflict feminine body intoxicating drink?

  1. Can lead to beer alcoholism.
  2. Due to an overabundance of hormones and hormonal disorders there is infertility, menstrual disorders cycle's.
  3. Regular consumption of beer causes cancer.
  4. there Are problems with overweight, up to obesity.
  5. Diseases of liver, gastrointestinal tract, spine, joints, cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus, varicose veins develop.

Bad is beer for the figure?

Women pampering themselves with this foamy heady drink, often worried about its effect on the figure. Beer is a low-calorie product that does not contain sugar, so it does not lead to weight gain. The danger of obesity is more about snacks, because often the consumption of beer is accompanied by high-calorie chips or nuts, which increase the weight. If you eat a small amount of useful products, for example, fish, no significant changes in the figure will not have to watch.

Use beer for women

The problems Described above arise from the abuse of beer and in cases of non-compliance with the production technology. But, as you know, all is well in moderation.

The Use of beer is due to the presence in it of various trace elements and amino acids in large quantities. But this applies only to non-filtered varieties that are not involved in the pasteurization process, do not contain harmful preservatives and allow you to save all the useful properties.

  1. Drinking a very moderate amount of the drink can in some cases strengthen the reproductive system of women with natural hormones.
  2. Phytoncides, contained in hops and has antibacterial properties, heals wounds.
  3. Malt contains significant amounts of vitamin C and b Vitamins as well as folic acid.
  4. Hops has a calming and hypnotic effect.
  5. Flavonoids, contained in dark varieties, strengthen bone tissue, prevent blood clotting, have antimicrobial properties, improve the condition of blood vessels.
  6. Allows you to get rid of boils.
  7. Beer with honey it will help to cope with the cold.
  8. Many ointments used to treat various skin diseases and rheumatism are made on the basis of beer components.
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