Beauty trends from which it is time to give up

Due to the pressure of mass media, many girls try to keep up with modern beauty trends that have nothing to do with natural beauty.

Under this men complain: why so many "artificial" girls? We tell you what beauty trends should stay in the past!

Figure, as have Barbie

In the 70-ies of the Corporation Mattel released a doll that became an ideal for every girl. It was a pretty girl with pink scales., tuned to the 49.9 kg mark, and the book, the only inscription on which reads "don't eat!". Her waist in real life would be 45 cm, hip circumference – 82 cm, and breast volume – 99 cm!

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In pursuit of a figure like Barbie, girls do plastic surgery for breast augmentation, exhaust themselves with strict diets and hunger strikes. However, instead of the desired beauty, often get a whole range of health problems. In some cases, it comes to such dangerous disorders as anorexia and bulimia. ?

Now along with original Barbie issue Curvy Barbie ("Lush Barbie"), the proportions of the body which are close to realistic. Representatives of the feminist community are confident that very soon the trend will be Curvy Barbie!

Curls in the style of the same Barbie

We don't call you give up neat curls and specially disheveled obtained with difficulty curls. On the contrary, it is good if the hair Shine and luxuriously fall apart on the shoulders, like Actresses and models for some award.

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Everything changes, However, if the hair look like someone else, and you spend half of the varnish spray to fix their form and make them stationary. Need to keep that curled curls in harmony with the appearance, otherwise it will be inevitable "Barbie effect", which will make you a plastic doll.

Lip Augmentation

Please "a little teasing lips" in beauty salons has become as common as the phrase "screw me curls". Injection with the goal of lip augmentation is gaining popularity.

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Often "made" lips violate harmony in looks Slavic girls. Because of the Slav in the anthropological characteristics laid lips are thin or of medium thickness. The plump form is characteristic of the Australian, South Asian, far Eastern and Ethiopian race.

Invoices eyelashes

If you are accustomed to false eyelashes, then it is time something to change. Artificial beams and strips of eyelashes can make any image vulgar.

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To look natural, it is recommended to use only mascara. It is necessary to know the measure and do not apply it in a thick layer. And false eyelashes better to leave for photo shoots in retro-style.

Note! ? Is 8 brilliant tips that will help you to be beautiful from head to heels. ? ? ?

No wrinkles

Every woman wants to look younger no matter what age she was. The most common and at the same time radical way to fight wrinkles is Botox.

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Injections to block the facial muscles, smoothing out wrinkles, but facial expression is getting worse, and the face loses its natural. For example, a smile after Botox may seem incomplete and insincere. But nothing adorns our face better than real emotions!

Nail extension

This beauty trend is gradually becoming a thing of the past, but some girls continue to build up nails, decorating them with rhinestones, sequins and complex pattern.

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It looks tasteless and even vulgar. In 2018, there is nothing better than a solid color coating. If desired, the design can be allocated 1-2 nail.

Want to be beautiful – this is normal. However, it is important to see the extent of beauty experiments with her looks!

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