Beauty secrets of famous Russian athletes

Our women around the world are famous for their beauty, and Russian sportswomen only confirm this postulate. These beauties have repeatedly defended the honor of our country at competitions and have achieved incredible success in sports.

What helps Russian athletes to always stay on top? In our collection of beauty secrets of Tatiana Navka, Daria Klishina, Tatiana Totmyanina, Laysan Utiasheva and Anna Kournikova!

Tatiana Navka

This year, the famous figure skater turns 44 years, but this figure absolutely does not fit with fragile and blooming woman. Tatiana often puts a photo without makeup, showing perfectly smooth skin and healthy complexion.

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Frankly, that whole week even could not think about any sport! ?? Lay in a horizontal position, slept off, ate off, rested and enjoyed laziness!!! But the body tells me that's enough, and then begin again these terrible and aching pain in the neck, back, joints. ? So there is nowhere to go, we begin to return to this beautiful world of yoga!? These amazing feelings when your rested muscles stretch nicely, and you realize that yoga is not only a sport, it is also the unity of the soul, body and mind! ??? #Tatyanovka #of lubricantrelated #zdorovnormazdorov #sport #yoga #stretching

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To ensure that the skin was clean and shining, Tatiana every day uses soft scrub. And for the body, according to the skater, there is nothing better than regular massages and visits to the bath. Also, Tatiana is engaged in yoga, which helps not only to maintain the flexibility of the body, but also to establish a favorable psycho-emotional background.

Note! ☝ If you want to follow the example of Tatiana Navka and start doing yoga, pay attention to the simplest asanas.? ? ?

Daria Klishina

Daria Klishina is the only Russian athlete who was admitted to the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Unfortunately, at this time, the athlete was left without a medal, but it won the love of the public. In various interviews Daria gladly shares her beauty secrets.

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#mood Beautiful you sentiments and with Old New Year ?? #mood #starykovych #sunday #sundayfunday #smile #toolinlineviewwidget

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The Athlete is often in the sun, so on a regular basis pampers hair moisturizing mask of burdock oil. It gives the hair a healthy Shine, stunning volume and silky. And when the skin needs additional moisture, Daria also makes natural masks from oil.

Tatiana Totmyanina

37-year-old skater Tatiana Totmyanina admits that she rarely manages to visit beauty shop. Moreover, the celebrity does not even have a favorite brand of cosmetics, as in self-care she prefers home remedies.

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It was a wonderful tour❤ this Verona,Turin,thanks for everything!!!? We were with you in the name and contrary!!! #ridaura #Totmianina #Yagudin #Marina #Averbukh @alexei.yagudin @marininmax @averbukh_iceshow @averbukhofficial @russian.seasons

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Fresh faces skater supports 8-hour sleep, trips to the bath. Steamed, the woman makes a mask based on honey. For skin tone Tatiana after the bath goes to the snow.

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Laysan Utiasheva

On account of Laysan Utyasheva, in addition to sporting achievements, successful work on television and the release of the book. At the same time, she remains an exemplary mother and a real beauty!

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New collection @fendi ? I want everything! But, alas, a maximum of two things in one hand ? #fendimania

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Your day Laysan begins with washing soda. It nourishes the skin with oxygen and useful elements. As a result, the face acquires a healthy tone.

From time to Time Rosie has resorted to the popular SPA treatment – bath kumis (national drink of Bashkir). To do this, she just adds a few jugs of koumiss to the bath. This procedure makes the skin soft and tender.

Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova – former first racket the world in doubles, the model and girlfriend of Enrique Iglesias. Many admire its beauty and grace. How does an ex-tennis player keep in perfect shape?

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#Weekend ???

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Girl it is recognized that it is unlikely ever completely abandon fast food and sweets, but she tries to pamper herself with these products as rarely as possible. And to maintain excellent shape former tennis player help daily Jogging and strength exercises.

As for skin care, everything is standard: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. A couple of times a week Anna makes nourishing facial masks, and several times a year – a course of serums.

In appearance these beautiful athletes it becomes clear that they know a lot about self-care, so their advice can be useful to many!

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