Beauty secrets from the Kardashian sisters-Jenner

Love or hate sisters Kardashian-Jenner – personal deal everyone, but cannot be to doubt, that they know understood in care for a.

So when Kim, Chloe, Courtney, Kendall and Kylie share their beauty secrets, we should listen. So, before you effective beauty tips from the star family.

Kim Kardashian

Kim is famous not only for its impressive fifth point, but also perfect skin. Of course, she often uses expensive care products, but in her Arsenal there are beauty secrets that can be easily used by every woman. For example, a star considers it very important to shower and wash with only lukewarm water. This approach helps to prevent loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin.

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Kim prefers coconut oil as a skin moisturizer. She applies it to wet face and body immediately after soul. It is impossible to delay, because in a minute the thin water film will evaporate, and the skin will lose moisture.

Kim am sure, that preserve the beauty and youth it largely helps nutrition. She tries to eat only organic products that do not contain growth hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and other substances that destroy collagen (a special protein that supports skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles).

This is interesting! ☀ Quite long the gold standard of beauty of the female figure was considered the parameters of "90-60-90", but they are long gone. Thanks to Kim Kardashian appeared new (well forgotten old) ideals beauty. ? ? ?

Courtney Kardashian

Looking at Courtney's fit figure, it's hard to believe she turned 39. Three years ago, she became a mother for the third time: eight-year-old Mason and five-year-old Penelope had a brother rain. Stay in excellent form celebrity helps sports. She works out a lot in the gym – 5 times a week for an hour.

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Also maintain the youth and beauty Courtney helps a special diet, which does not include dairy, flour and gluten-containing products. Instead of coffee in the morning, she prefers to drink smoothies from avocado, coconut milk and tea tree honey. This drink is perfectly invigorates and energizes for the whole day.

This is interesting! ? Celebrities in any life situation need to look perfect and watch your weight. For this they sometimes resort to rather strange methods of weight loss. We bring to your attention the most unusual diets from Beyonce, Madonna and other stars. ? ? ?

Kylie Jenner

Kylie, the youngest of the Kardashian sisters-Jenner, knows a lot about beauty – in just three years of existence of her cosmetic brand, she earned almost a billion dollars! Now the celebrity boldly shares his beauty lifehacks. Owners of oily skin Kylie advises to use after shave balm instead of moisturizer. Young businesswoman claims that the skin after this tool becomes velvety and soft!

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Kylie Also said that she is always at hand is a lip scrub that is easy to do yourself. To do this, mix cane sugar, natural honey, coconut oil and grapefruit. After the procedure of scrubbing on the lips need to apply the balm.

Chloe Kardashian

Chloe was always prone to obesity, but last year she got rid of 18 kg of excess weight and launched her own reality show about weight loss. The star believes that to achieve excellent results is to mix different types of training. She is engaged in Pilates, riding a stationary bike, circular (interval) training and Bikram yoga. To maintain muscle tone Chloe engaged in Boxing.

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As for food, Chloe has always loved sweets, white bread and fast food. But for the sake of a beautiful body and her own health, she made a choice in favor of proper and more dietary food. Now the basis of its diet consists of salads with lots of greens, chicken breast, oatmeal and rice. As snacks celebrity chooses fruit.

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Kendall Jenner

Becoming model, Kendall wholly experienced the professional problems. Dense layer make-up greatly harms the skin, clogs pores, dries it and provokes the appearance of inflammation. Therefore, the model, no matter how tired she is, always properly cleanses the skin before going to bed.

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As for scrubs, Kendall believes that they should not be used immediately after removing makeup – they can greatly harm dehydrated skin. Better to do peeling the next day. It is worth noting that Kendall also regularly uses moisturizing masks and nourishing creams with vitamins A and E.

Perhaps there is no person who never heard about the sisters Kardashian-Jenner. Despite the abundance of criticism in their address, for many they are standards of beauty!

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