Beach season is just around the corner: 5 tips for a beautiful body

Dull skin, flabby body and cellulite do not make the best impression. And if in the cold season shortcomings can be hidden with the help of clothes, in the summer they will not allow you to feel beautiful and confident.

However not worth to be upset! After all, there are 5 tricks that will help tighten the body and achieve smooth skin. So now we are starting to prepare for the beach season, following the business advice!

1. Contrast shower and other water procedures

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Water treatments are a great method to improve skin tone. Especially effective contrast shower. It accelerates metabolism, strengthens blood vessels and helps to eliminate the "orange peel". To start the procedure with a comfortable water temperature for relaxation, and then gradually make it acceptable-hot. After a minute in hot water, for 40 seconds turn on the cold water. Repeat this sequence several times.

Baths with various useful additives: sea salt, essential oils, milk and honey help to Make the skin smooth and relax after a hard day. Also a great way to tighten the skin – a weekly visit to the bath.

2. Chocolate wraps

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Beauty Salons offer different types of wraps, but this procedure can be done at home. The most pleasant and effective is considered a chocolate wrap. For this procedure, it is necessary to melt the natural dark chocolate in a water bath, then cool it and apply to the body. Then you need to turn the usual food wrap and put on top of warm pajamas (or lie under a blanket). After the first procedure, you will feel that the skin has become more taut. And the aroma of sweet Goodies relieve irritation and fatigue.

3. Drinking mode

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Svetlana furs, a specialist in the field of dietetics, held a visual experiment. Several hundred girls, without giving up their usual diet, observed a drinking regime. As a result, many in just a couple of weeks dropped 3-4 pounds.

Drinking regime Rules:

  • To the early morning to disperse the metabolism, drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach.
  • give Up the habit of drinking or drinking immediately after eating. This adversely affects the digestive processes and causes fermentation in the stomach.
  • Drink 200 ml of water half an hour before each meal to reduce hunger and bring the stomach into working condition.

Important! The daily rate of water consumption for each person is individual and is calculated according to the following principle: 40 ml per kg of weight. With intensive physical activity and in hot weather, water consumption should be increased.

4. Sport exercises

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Cardio (for example, running and jumping) will help you Lose weight for the beach season. However, to give the body a beautiful relief, it is necessary to Supplement them with strength exercises. Especially to help squats with weights (1-2 kg). To strengthen the muscles of the whole body, it is necessary to make a bar. It is important not to bend the back, and try to keep it direct.

advice! If you do not have time for a full workout, just try to move more. For example, instead of using the Elevator, walk up the stairs.

5. Peels

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Peeling is a very useful procedure that helps to remove dead cells and make the skin smoother. However, it is not overdo it, otherwise the epidermis will dry up and begin to peel off. If you have oily or normal skin, you can peel a couple of times a week. If your skin is dry, then perform a cleansing procedure once a week.

You can make your own scrub and carry out the procedure at home. To do this, combine sea salt with olive oil or coffee with natural honey. The resulting natural scrub apply to the skin and massage for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Take Care of your body and it will please you for a long time with its perfect look!

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